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Journal en-us Vol 1, Issue 1 Sep-oct 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=5 Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activities of N-(7-Substitutedthio Carbamidoquinoline-4-Yl)-N, N-Diethyl-Pentane-1, 4-Diamine A.K.Wanjari,D.A.Pund .K.Bhagwatkar,G.G.Jadhav, www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=5 Vol 1, Issue 1 Sep-oct 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=6 Synthesis of 1-Pyridino, 1-[4(1-Substituted) -2, 4-Dithiobiureto] Phenyldimethylpropanamine R. S. Shekar,,P.R.Kale,,M.V.Lunge,A.K.Ghormade www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=6 Vol 1, Issue 1 Sep-oct 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=7 Development of Nanostructured Cadmium Oxide (Cdo) Thin Films S. S. Kawar www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=7 Vol 1, Issue 1 Sep-oct 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=8 Synthesis and Characterization of 1- Thiocarboxamido-3, 5- diaryl –∆ 2 -Pyrazolines by Green Chemistry method. N. R. THAKARE*, P.R. BHAGAT www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=8 Vol 1, Issue 1 Sep-oct 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=9 Methods for the Treatment of Vitiligo Patches including UV Radiation and other Therapies. B.H.PAWAR, A.S.LAD*, S. S. ARSAD**, U.R. KATHALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=9 Vol 1, Issue 1 Sep-oct 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=10 Novel Synthetic Derivatives of Substituted Amino -1, 2, 4-Thiadiazoles J.S.Waghmare www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=10 Vol 1, Issue 2 Nov - Dec 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=11 Eco Friendly Synthesis and Potent Antimicrobial Activities of Pyrazoles and Isoxazoles BHOYAR A. D., PARIHAR R.T., RAJPUT P.R. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=11 Vol 1, Issue 2 Nov - Dec 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=12 Preparation and Photoluminescence Study of Eu2+ doped SrAl4O7 and Sr3Al32O51 KALE M.A., JOSHI C.P., MOHARIL S.V. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=12 Vol 1, Issue 2 Nov - Dec 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=13 Studies in Dielectric Properties of Various Polymers and its Correlation with Surface Free Energy DESHMUKH R. R., AROLKAR G. A., PARAB S. S. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=13 Vol 1, Issue 2 Nov - Dec 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=14 Analysis of Water Quality Using Physico-Chemical Parameters of Kolura Pond in Post- Monsoon Season, October 2012 PAGARIYA S. K. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=14 Vol 1, Issue 2 Nov - Dec 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=15 A Novel Functions For 4-Aroylpyrazolines and Isoxazolines in Growth Promoting Effects on Some Horticultural Crops. PARIHAR R.T., BHOYAR A. D., RAJPUT P.R. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=15 Vol 1, Issue 2 Nov - Dec 2012 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=16 Physicochemical Characterization of Red and Black Soils of Wardha Region THAKRE Y. G., DR. CHOUDHARY M. D., DR. RAUT R. D. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=16 Vol 2, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=17 Studies on Acoustic Parameters of 1-(4-Hydroxy-6-Methyl Pyrimidino) -3-Methyl Thiocarbamides in 70% Dioxane-Water Mixture at 3020k and Frequency 1 Mhz PUND D. A. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=17 Vol 2, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=18 Simultaneous Detection of Insecticides and Growth Regulators by Single Chromogenic Spray Reagents N.L.CHUTKE, R.B.LANJEWAR, M.R.LANJEWAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=18 Vol 2, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=19 Detection of Nitrobenzene in Biological Materials by Thin Layer Chromatography CHUTKE N. L., LANJEWAR R.B., LANJEWAR M.R. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=19 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=20 Optimization and Development of Solid Biomass Burning Cook stoves PATIL R. S.,SHINDE Y. H.,PANDIT A. B. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=20 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=21 Effect of Molar Ratio on Conversion of Methanol for Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming for Fuel Cell Application BHANDE R.S.,BADGUJAR S. M. KADLAG S.S. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=21 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=22 An Experimental Study - Effect of Molar Ratios on Conversion of Ethanol to Hydrogen by Steam Reforming DR. BHANDE R.S., DR. GOILKAR S.S. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=22 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=23 Significance of Temperature on Conversion of Ethanol for Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming -an Experimental Study BHANDE R. S. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=23 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=24 Consequence of Temperature on Conversion of Methanol for Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming BHANDE R.S., LANDGE Y. A., GIRI P. A. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=24 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=25 Treatment of agrochemical/Pesticide Wastewater by Coagulation / Flocculation Process MISRA R., SHANTA SATYANARAYAN, POTLE N. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=25 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=26 Full Scale Treatment of Herbal Pharmaceutical Industry Wastewater VANERKAR A. P., SHANTA SATYANARAYAN, DHARMADHIKARI D. M. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=26 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=27 Treatment of Food Processing Industry Wastewater by a Coagulation / Flocculation Process VANERKAR A. P., SANJEEV SATYANARAYAN, SHANTA SATYANARAYAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=27 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=28 Efficient Treatment of Slaughter House Wastewater by Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor Packed with Special Floating Media GAJENDER C SUNDER, SHANTA SATYANARAYAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=28 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=29 Bioaccumulation Kinetics and Bioconcentration Factors for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Tissues of Rasbora Daniconius BHAGADE ADVAIT, SATYANARAYAN SHANTA, DESHPANDE ABHIJIT M. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=29 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=30 Alumina Supported Silver Lanthana Catalyst for N2O Decomposition A. SRI HARI KUMAR, V. VENKATESHWARLU, K.S. RAMA RAO, N. LINGAIAH, P. S. SAI PRASAD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=30 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=31 Toxicity of Heavy Metal to a Freshwater Crustacean Ceriodaphniadubia SANYOGITA R VERMA, SHANTASATYANARANYAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=31 Vol 2, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=32 Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time and Sludge Retention Time on Membrane Bioreactor: Performance in Summer Season JADHAO R. K.,DAWANDE S. D. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=32 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=33 Removal of Nickel from Waste Water Using Graphene Nanocomposite SANGIT VARMA, DHANASHREE SARODE, SAGAR WAKALE, B. A. BHANVASE, M. P. DEOSARKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=33 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=34 Photocatalytic Degradation of Paracetamol Using Degussa Tio2 Photo catalyst AMOLKUMAR DESALE, S. P. KAMBLE, M. P. DEOSARKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=34 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=35 Adsorption of Chromium from Industrial Waste Water By Using Neem Leaves as a Low Cost Adsorbent PARINEETA PANDHRAM,SHUBHANGI NIMBALKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=35 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=36 Biodiesel From Microalgae – A Sustainability Analysis Using Life Cycle Assessment PARVATKER A. G. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=36 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=37 Performance Evaluation of Adsorption Potential of Fly ash for Waste Containment Applications MS. POLY BURAGOHAIN, DR. SREEDEEP S. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=37 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=38 Factors Affecting Filtration Characteristics in Submerged Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment Dr. V. S. SAPKAL, D. J. GARKAL, Dr. R. S. SAPKAL, P. V. SAPKAL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=38 Vol 2, Special Issue No. 1, NCEEASD March-2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=39 Leachate Characterization and Assessment of Water Pollution near Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Site MERWAN RATHOD, HARSHIT MISHRA, SUBHANKAR KARMAKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=39 Vol 2, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=40 Characterization and Comparative study of Cane Sugar Industry Waste Water JADHAV P.G.,DR. VAIDYA N.G.,DETHE S.B www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=40 Vol 2, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=41 Effect of Charge Transfer on Phonon Dynamics of Polarizable Materials RATHORE V. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=41 Vol 2, Issue 3 May-June 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=42 Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time And Sludge Retention Time on Performance of Membrane Bioreactor for Wet Season Jadhao R. K. and Dawande S. D. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=42 Vol 2, Issue 3 May-June 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=43 One Step Combustion Synthesis Of Compounds In Eu3+ Activated Y2o3–Al2o3 System Using Mixed Fuel Yadav P.J., Meshram N.D., Joshi C.P., Moharil S.V. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=43 Vol 2, Issue 3 May-June 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=44 Novel Synthesis of 2-Chloro-4,6-Distitutedthiocarbamido-1,3,5-Triazines Tayade D.T. , Bhagwatkar A.K. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=44 Vol 2, Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=45 Introduction of an Auto-circuit in Magnetic Float Densitometer using Semiconductor Devices Dr. Pathak R.N., Dr. Saxena I., Dr. Mishra A.K., Kumar R., Singh N. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=45 Vol 2, Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=46 Feasibility Study of Soyabean Oil as an Alternate Fuel for CI Engine at Variable Compression Ratio Shelke R.E. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=46 Vol 2, Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=47 Preparation and Characterization of 4-hydroxybenzylidencarbamide-CTAB modified Glassy Carbon Electrode by using [Fe(CN)6]4-/[Fe(CN)6]3- redox system N.Ramalakshmi,S.Muthukumar,B.Marichamy www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=47 Vol 2, Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=48 Comparative Study of Anilinium based Ionic liquids MEENATCHI B. and RENUGA V. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=48 Vol 2, Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=49 Separation of Methanol & Toluene From Spent Toluene And Methanol Mixture Azeotropically V. C. Renge, Alok K. Meshram, Pavan K. Badukale www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=49 Vol 2, Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=50 Viscometric Measurement Of Substituted-Dioxo-Naphthacene-2-Carboxamide And Substituted-Spiro[1-Benzofuran2,1’-Cychlohex-2-Ene]-3,4’-Dione Drugs In Ethanol-Water Mixture At Various Percentage Compositions. Jumde K. P.,Lunge M. S.,Tayade D. T.,Dubey V. S. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=50 Vol 2, Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=51 Mossbauer and Thermal Studies of Sodium Ferrite Synthesized from Sodium / Potassium Hexakis (Trimethylacetato) Ferrate (III) Complexes LANJEWAR R. B. AND LANJEWAR M. R. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=51 Vol 2, Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=52 Adsorption of Heavy Metal (Cu2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+) from Synthetic Waste Water by Tea Waste Adsorbent LOKENDRA SINGH THAKUR, MUKESH PARMAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=52 Vol 2, Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=53 Analysis of WASA Supplied Drinking Water Around Dhaka City from Laboratory Analysis Perspective MURSHED SABRINA, ALI MOHAMMAD HASAN,FARUQUE MOHAMMAD OMOR, CHOUDHURY SUBHAGATA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=53 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=54 Synthesis of Ferric Oxide Nanoparticles for Gas Sensors Using Screen Printed Thick Films C. G. DIGHAVKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=54 Vol 2, Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2013 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=55 CFD Modeling and Validation of Oxy-Fired and Air-Fired Entrained Flow Gasifier PRAVIN NAKOD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=55 Vol 3, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=56 Antimicrobial Activity of a new Series of Bis(isoxazoline), Bis(isoxazole) and their Derivatives GAJBHIYE J. M. , CHOPADE A.U. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=56 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=57 Durable Multifunctional Cellulose Using Copper Nanoparticles JAVED SHEIKH1,M.D. TELI2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=57 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=58 Temperature and Field Dependence of Thermally Stimulated Discharge Current in Polymer Nanocomposite Electret A. JOY SINGH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=58 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=59 Growth, Morphology and Spectral Study of Gel Grown Copper Iodate Crystals K. D. GIRASE1, D. K. SAWANT2, S. B. GIRASE3, K. S. CHAUDHARi4, D. S. BHAVSAR5 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=59 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=60 Influence of Cu, Ce-doping on Gas Sensing Properties of Nanocrystalline SnO2 thick Films K.N. BAGAL, L.K. BAGAL, I.S. MULLA, S.S. SURYAVANSHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=60 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=61 Gas Sensitivity of Cu2S Thin Films by CBD Route M. S. SHINDE1 AND R. S. PATIL2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=61 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=62 Structural and Optical Properties of nc-a TiO2 films for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell M.T. SARODE1, Y. B. KHOLLAM2, S. D. GUNJAL3,P.N. SHELKE4, B. B. KALE5, K. C. MOHITE3 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=62 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=63 Synthesis of nano ZnO Material by Chemical Route and its Physical Characterization M. K. DEORE1*, N. U. PATIL2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=63 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=64 Optical Properties of DC Electrochemically Deposited Nanowired Co3O4 films P. N. SHELKE1, Y. B. KHOLLAM2, S. D. GUNJAL3,M. T. SARODE4, M. G. CHASKAER1, K. C. MOHITE3 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=64 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=65 Effect of Chemically Modified Nano Zirconia Addition on Properties of LLDPE/LDPE/PLA/MA-g-PE Bio-nanocomposite Blown Films for Packaging Applications RAHUL KUMAR1*, PRADEEP UPADHYAYA1 AND NAVIN CHAND2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=65 Vol 3, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=66 Metal-Ligand Stability Constants of Lanthanide(III) Chelates with some Substituted Drugs SONUNE K.N., MESHRAM Y.K., DEVHADE J. B. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=66 Vol 3, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=67 Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of charge- transfer complexes of 1H-1,2,4-triazole with some p acceptors in different solvents. ABDULSATAR ABDULJABBAR RZOKEE and AFAQ AHMAD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=67 Vol 3, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=68 Glidants on the Flow Property of Floating Tablet WAGHMARE J.S. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=68 Vol 3, Issue 2 Mar- Apr 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=69 CDS Thin Films Fabricated by a Simplified Spray Technique Using Cadmium Acetate As Cationic Precursor ANBARASI M., SIVARAMAN T., NAGARETHINAM V.S., BALU A.R www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=69 Vol 3, Issue 2 Mar- Apr 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=70 Carbon Credit: Trading With Nature GAWANDE A. P., THAKARE R.R., HARAMKAR S.S. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=70 Vol 3, Issue 2 Mar- Apr 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=71 Thermoluminencence Study of Clay Used in Ceramic Tiles DR. HITESH MANDAVIA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=71 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=72 Antibacterial activity of Copper Nano-particles against pathogenic bacteria A. R. SAWANT, R. R. RAUT, T. D. PATIL , RUCHI R. MALWADE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=72 Vol 3, Issue 2 Mar- Apr 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=73 Synthesis of 1,3-Bis (N-Substitutedamidinothiocarbamido)-Thiocarbimides SHELKE M.E. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=73 Vol 3, Issue 2 Mar- Apr 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=74 A simulation study of the removal efficiency of modified granular activated carbon on Cobalt GUNJATE J. K.,GHOLSE S.B. AND KHOPE R.U. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=74 Vol 3, Issue 2 Mar- Apr 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=75 Study of Molecular Interactions in Binary Liquid Mixtures Containing Ester M. SRI LAKSHMI1,A. RATNAKAR,CH. KAVITHA,K. NARENDRA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=75 Vol 3, Issue 2 Mar- Apr 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=76 Synthesis of 5-(3-Methyl Benzofuran-2-Yl)-2-Thiol-1,3,4 Oxadiazole And Its Photochemical Study: A Benzofuran Derivative DEVI SINGH KUSHWAHA,Dr. Y.K.MISHRA,Dr. AJAY CHATURVEDI,PRIYANKA BASER www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=76 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=77 Role of Divalent Substitution in Dielectric Behavior and Pressure Sensitivity of MgTi2O5 A. H. Karande, S. Y. Shingare, S.S. Gurav, S.V. Salvi www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=77 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=78 Influence of Pentavalent Substitution on Dielectric Behaviour of Karrooite A. H. Karande,S. Y. Shingare,S.S. Gurav,S.V. Salvi www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=78 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=79 Influence of Anatase And Rutile Phases on Physical Properties of New Nanosize MgTi2O5 A.H.Karande, S.Y.Shingare, S.S.Gurav , S.V. Salvi www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=79 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=80 Effect of Volume Spray Rate on Highly Conducting Spray Deposited Fluorine Doped SnO2 Thin Films Dr.R.N. ARLE1, B.L.KHATIK2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=80 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=81 Oil-Palm Fiber Reinforced Binary Composites: Evaluation of Effective Thermal Conductivity Richa Agrawal www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=81 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=82 Cation Distribution Of Cu2+ Substituted Nizn Ferrite. 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Ingle, R.P.Sonekar, S.K.Omanwar, Yuhua Wang www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=85 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=86 Solar Cell Properties of CdS/CdTe Heterojunctions Prepared by using Spray Pyrolysis Technique ,S. D. GUNJAL1- 5, Y. B. KHOLLAM2, M.T. SARODE3S.A. AROTE1,4, P.N. SHELKE6, K. C. MOHITE1-5 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=86 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=87 Efficient Ultrasound Synthesis of 1-(2- Hydroxyphenyl)-3-P-Tolylpropane-1,3-Dione And Its Transition Metal Complexes D.D. Suryawanshia, A.D. Suryawanshib A.S.Rajbhoja, S.T. Gaikwada www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=87 Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN December-2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=88 Optical, Structural and Surface Morphology Properties of PbSe Thin Film Deposited By Chemical Bath Deposition Dr. H. K. 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U P SHINDE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=93 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=94 Synthesis and Characterization of Ni Nanoparticles Geeta Nair, Smita Survase www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=94 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=96 Synthesis and Characterization of Conducting Polypyrrole by γ - radiation Chitte Hemant K.,Shinde Ganesh N.,Bhat Narendra V. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=96 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=97 Differential Susceptibility of Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria Towards Zno Nanoparticles Kakuli A. Maiti, Abhijit Maiti, Rajlakshmi Neogi, D.C.Kothari. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=97 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=98 Electro-Optical Studies on Nanopowder Doped Liquid Crystal Rita A. 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Basaviah www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=99 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=100 Eu3+ Emission In Aluminum Borate Based Phosphor, Caal2b2oO Palaspagar R.S., Gawande A.B., Sonekar R.P., Omanwar S.K. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=100 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=101 Mechanical, Electrical And Etching Study of Potassium Iodide Doped L-Threonine Single Crystal Wankhade Pratik, M, Pahurkar Vikas G., Muley Gajanan G. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=101 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=102 Electrical Properties of Doped Polyblends Saxena Meeta, Sangawar V.S www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=102 Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM April 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=103 Microstructure And Infrared Absorption Spectroscopic Study of Zn Substituted Li-Cu Ferrites. 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N. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=127 Vol 3 Issue 3 May-June 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=128 Effect of Solvents on the Morphological and Optical Properties of SiO2 Film Prepared by Sol-Gel Method RUCHI NANDANWAR, PURNIMA SINGH, FOZIA ZIA HAQUE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=128 Vol 3 Issue 3 May-June 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=129 Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Ethyl Acetoacetate by Chromic Acid in the Presence and Absence of Oxalic Acid SAMEER V. RENUKDAS , DR. MRS. N.T.PATEL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=129 Vol 3 Issue 3 May-June 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=130 Enhanced Proton Conductivity of Cerium Induced Tin Phosphate Cation Exchange Material VINISHA VALSARAJ P1, JANARDANAN C. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=130 Vol 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=131 Efficient and Eco-friendly Synthesis of 1,7-Naphthyridines SRIVASTAVA K.P.,SINGH INDU AND KUMARI ANUPMA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=131 Vol 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=132 Effect of α–Cyclodextrin on 4-Nitro Benzoic Acid And 3, 5 -Dinitro Benzoic Acid A. GLORY PUNITHA,J. PREMA KUMARI,G. ALLEN GNANA RAJ www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=132 Vol 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=133 RBS and UV-VIS-NIR studies of low energy Mn+ ion implanted in GaAs substrate SHARAD TRIPATHI,S K DUBEY,V. S. UPADHYAY www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=133 Vol 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=134 Thermodynamic Studies Related to the Solvation Chemistry of Dl-Α-Amino Butyric Acid in Aqueous Solution of Sodium Chloride SANJAY ROY,KALACHAND MAHALI,MANILAL MURMU,BIJOY KRISHNA DOLUI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=134 Vol 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=135 Structural, Optical and Morphological Properties of PVA/ Fe2O3 Nanocomposite Thin Films VIJAY SHANKAR UPADHYAY*,S. K. DUBEY,ARVIND SINGH,SHARAD TRIPATHI, www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=135 Vol 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=136 Study of molecular interactions in Binary Liquid Mixtures at Temperatures 303.15K, 308.15K, 313.15K, and 318.15K M. DURGA BHAVANI,*,S. SATYAVENI,A. RATNAKAR,CH. KAVITHA,K. NARENDRA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=136 Vol 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=137 CdO Thin Films Fabricated by a Simplified Spray Technique Using Perfume Atomizer with Different Molar Concentrations of Cadmium Acetate for Optoelectronic Applications N. MANJULA,A.R. BALU* www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=137 Vol 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=138 Physico-Chemical Analysis of Ground water of Basti Sadar Block of District Basti, (U.P.), India R.V. PRASAD,D.R. TRIPATHI,V.KUMAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=138 Vol 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=139 Studies on Acoustic Parameters of Ternary Mixture of Dimethyl Acetamide in Acetone and Isobutyl Methyl Ketone using Ultrasonic and Viscosity Probes ASHOK KUMAR DASH,RITA PAIKARAY www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=139 Vol 3 Issue 4 Jul-Aug 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=140 Conducting Behaviour of Polyphenyl Amines Copolymer A.D. BORKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=140 Vol 3 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=141 Kinetic Study on Green Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Bougainvillea Glabra Leaf Extract DR. A. LEEMA ROSE, S. VIDHYA*, S. RAMAGIRIJA, M. RAMYA, A. RAMYA MARY, M.S. REKA AND M. ROSELIN ANSILDA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=141 Vol 3 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=142 Novel Strategies to the Facile One Pot Synthetic Entry of Pyrimidine Nucleus to the Indolin-2-One Framework MEENAKSHI SHARMA*, VATSALA SONI , VANDANA SINGH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=142 Vol 3 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=143 Synthesis and Characterization of N-salicylidèneglycinate (KHL) And caffeine complexes with Cd (II),Cu(II),Ni(II), Zn (II) EL AMANE MOHAMED*, BOUHDADA MOHAMED, HADDAD MUSTAPHA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=143 Vol 3 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=144 Magnetic and Spectral Studies on Cobalt Complexes of Thiosemicarbazones DR. PILLAI PRAMODA SASIDHARAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=144 Vol 3 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=145 Non-Linear Optical Studies of Colloidal Nanofluids PAI CHINTAMANI*, M. SHALINI, PEREIRA AGNEL , VARMA MEERA , IYER HARI TEJAS , S. RADHA . www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=145 Vol 3 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=146 Synergistic Effect of CTAB as VPCI for Mild Steel VISHAL SAINI* and HARISH KUMAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=146 Vol 3 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=147 Extraction of Parthenin from Parthenium Hysterophorus NITIN T. SATAO* and N. H. SHINDE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=147 Vol 3 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=148 Studies in Intermolecular Interaction of Glucose with Transition Metal Salt in Aqueous Solution at 31°C Temperature P.S.CHAUDHARI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=148 Vol 3 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=149 Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Soil Using Phytoremediation . ASHOKKUMAR B∗ ., JOTHIRAMALINGAM S., THIYAGARAJAN S K ., HIDHAYATHULLAKHAN T ., NALINI R www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=149 Vol 3 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=150 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (H1 - Nmr) Spectroscopy and Imaging of Water Uptake and Distribution in Sunflower (Helianthus Annus.L.) Seeds Exposed to Magnetic Field V. K. MADHU SMITHA RANI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=150 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=151 Photo Fenton Induced Decolorization Study of Malachite Green Dye Solutions ANOOP P. FARTODE AND D.V. PARWATE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=151 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=152 Synthesis of Tetrahydroisoquinolines Based on Homoveratrilamine and 3–Indolylacetic Acid Saidov A. Sh.,*, Alimova M , Vinogradova V.I www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=152 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=153 The Effect of Substrates on the Binding of Tris- (4,7- Dimethyl -1,10 Phenanthroline) Iron(Ii) Perchlorate with Surfactants. LATONA D.F www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=153 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=154 Synthesis, Biological Activities and Spectral Characterization of some new 2-amino-4, 6-diethyl-5-(4’-Sulphonamoyl) Azopyrimidine derivatives of Sulphonamides LAXMI RAJPUT , SADHANA SHRIVASTAVA , and V. K. SHRIVASTAVA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=154 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=155 Synthesis, Characterization of Thomsonite Zeolite for Knoevenagel Condensation PRIYA PAWAIYA , AMRATA PAWAIYA , NISHI AGRAWAL , RADHA TOMAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=155 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=156 Modeling of Ambient Air Pollutats for RSPM and SPM Through Artifical Neural Network In Industrial Area of Ujjain City PRIYANKA YADAV , ALKA SRIVASTAVA , ASHOK. K. SHARMA , J. PALSANIA AND DR. J. K. SRIVASTAVA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=156 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=157 Adsorption of Nickel(II) Ion From Aqueous Solution onto ZnCl2 Activated Carbon Prepared From Delonix Regia Pods (Flame Tree) RAJAPPA A, RAMESH. K , NANDHAKUMAR. V . www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=157 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=158 Partial Molar Volumes of Glucose in Aqueous and Various Alcohol Medium at Different Temperatures LANDGE M. G., BADADE S. S. , KENDRE B. V www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=158 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=159 Dielectric Properties of Soils with Inorganic Matter at S-Band Microwave Frequency H. C. CHAUDHARI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=159 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=160 Biosorption of Heavy Metals from Wastewater by Using Microalgae BARANGE MONIKA , SRIVASTAVA ALKA, SRIVASTAVA J.K. AND PALSANIA J. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=160 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=161 Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activities of Hydrazide Schiff’s Bases MAHESH BHAT*, BELAGALI S. L. MURALI M. AND AMRUTHESH K. N. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=161 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=162 Study Iodine Amount in Content of Some Medicinal Plants by Ion Chromatography N.T.FAZLIEVA, N.Q.MUHAMADIEV, SH.M.SAYITKULOV www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=162 Vol 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dev 2014 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=163 HPLC –UV Method Development and Quantification of Eugenol from Methanolic Extracts of Some Spices. FARHIN INAM¹, SUJATA DEO², NEHA NARKHEDE³ www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=163 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=218 The Study of Soluble Microbial Products in Submerged Membrane Bioreactor - Part 2: Hospital Wastewater JADHAO R. K. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=218 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=220 Materials Characterization and Ionic Drift Velocity Measurements of Nano Composite Polymer Electrolytes ANGESH CHANDRA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=220 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=221 A Study on the Fate of Some Heavy Metals in Water and Sediments in Lotic Ecosystems JASIM M. SALMAN , FIKRAT M. HASSAN , SARA H. ABDULAMEER www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=221 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=222 Optical Characterization and Surface Morphology of Copper Nanoparticles on Borosilicate Glass RAMANI R. V. , RAMANI B. M. , SAPARIA A. D. , DAVIT DHURV , MARKNA J. H. and N.A.SHAH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=222 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=223 Catalytic Oxycondensation of Methane FAYZULLAYEV N.I www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=223 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=224 Electrical Properties of Intercalated Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites A DEY www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=224 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=225 A Facile and Efficient Green Protocol for the Knoevenagel Condensation in Aqueous Media J.P.SONAWANE, S.B.CHAUDHARI, S.S.PATIL, M.V.SONAWANE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=225 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=226 Acoustical and Excess Thermodynamical Studies of Molecular Interaction in Ternary Organic Liquid Mixture S.BALAKRISHNAN & R.PALANI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=226 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=227 Dielectric Properties of CuO Nanoparticles Prepared by Precipitation Method JIJI KOSHY , SOOSEN SAMUEL , ANOOP CHANDRAN, POURNAMI VIJAYAN , K C GEORGE* www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=227 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=228 Characterization and AC Conductivity of novel ZnO doped Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Nano-composite films CHIVUKULA SRIKANTH , CHAKRADHAR SRIDHAR B , R.D.MATHAD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=228 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=229 The Study of Soluble Microbial Products in Submerged Membrane Bioreactor (Part 1: Residential Quarter Wastewater) R. K. JADHAO www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=229 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=230 Adsorption Technology- Comparative Study of GAC Carbon Used as Adsorbent for Removing Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solution. V.R. KINHIKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=230 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=231 A Study of Biogas Production from Different Kitchen Waste RAMA DHANARIYA,DR. SARITA SHARMA,DR. ASHOK K. SHARMA,DR. SANJAY VERMA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=231 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=232 Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial studies of 1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-3-(2-hydroxyphenyl)propane-1,3-dione and its transition metal complexes D. D. SURYAWANSHI , A. D. SURYAWANSHI , A. S. RAJBHOJ , S. T. 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SELVARAJ www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=235 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=237 Viscosity Studies of SDS in Aqueous Solutions of Butylated Hydroanisole at Different Temperatures POONAM SHARMA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=237 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=239 Study of Ionic Interactions in Solution of Some Tetraalkylammonium Iodides in N-Methylformamide-T-Butanol Mixtures by Magnetic Float Densitometer. INDU SAXENA, RIKKAM DEVI., RAHUL KUMAR. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=239 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=240 Effects of Concentration of Multiwall Carbon Nanotube on Cholesteric Liquid Crystal RITA A.GHARDE, SANGEETA Y.THAKARE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=240 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=241 Comparative Study of Chemical, Physical and Biological Analysis of Some Pond Water Ecosystems in Valsad of the State Gujarat, India. B. R. SUDANI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=241 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=242 Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies of Uncatalyzed Substitution of Coordinated Cyanide in Hexacyanoferrate(II) by 2,2'-Bipyridine R. M. NAIK , JYOTI RAI , AMRITA SRIVASTAVA , SHEEL RATAN AND INDU SINGH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=242 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=243 Apparent Molar Volume and Viscometric Study of Alcohols in Aqueous Solution SUNIL KUMAR SIKARWAR , V. R. CHOUREY AND A. A. ANSARI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=243 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=244 Preparation and Ethanol Sensing Behavior of Spinel-type Nanosized Mixed Ferrites Containing Zn V. D. KAPSE , ∗ , F.C. RAGHUWANSHI , V.S. SANGAWAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=244 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=245 Distillery Spent Wash Treatment: Model Degradationof Synthetic Melanoidin by In-Situ Chemical Oxidation SHITAL MUNDE, T. BHATTACHARJEE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=245 Vol 4 Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=246 Estimation of Iron Metal Contents in Natural Samples by Colorimetric Methods RACHANA DUBEY, NAMEETA BENDE AND MEENAKSHI HAROD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=246 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=249 Cu1-xCoxFe2O4 Ferrospinels: Synthesis, Characterisation and Investigation of Catalytic activity in Vapor phase Methylation of Aniline M. KADIAN, P. SIWACH AND R. K GUPTA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=249 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=250 Vibrational Spectral Analysis of TCHS used in Self Assembled Monolayer and Formation Dynamics M.N.AUDLINE JINI, J.T.T.KUMARAN, A.DICKSON BENJAMIN, S.G.PRAVEEN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=250 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=251 Effect of Aluminium and Cobalt Substituent on Structural and Magnetic Behaviour of Lithium Ceramics SURESH S. DAROKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=251 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=252 Dielectric Study of Soils with varied Organic Matter at Microwave Frequency H. C. CHAUDHARI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=252 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=253 Kinetic, Thermodynamic and Isotherm Studies on the Removal of Rhodamine B dye using Activated Carbon S. ARIVOLI,N. MANJU,M. HEMA and V. MARIMUTHU www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=253 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=254 Comparison between chemically treated sisal fiber with Al2O3 and Fe2O3: -it’s dielectric loss ASIF JEHAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=254 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=255 Influence of graphite powder on soil Cation Exchange Capacity using Cohex method and impact of graphite powder on soil Physical and Chemical properties A. MOHAMED HAROON BASHA , R. CHANDRAMOHAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=255 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=256 A Study of the Ground Water Quality and Discharge of Untreated Textiles in the Dyeing Effluents in and around Chellandipalayam in Karur District M.VELUSAMY , A. PANDIYARAJAN. , M. S. DHEENADAYALAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=256 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=257 Synthesis, Structure, Magnetic and Electric Transport Properties of Mo0.5Si0.5Te2 PAWAN K. SHARMA1 AND INDU B. SHARMA2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=257 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=259 Synthesis and Mechanism of the Preparation of Polymeric Cationic Surface-Active Substances RAVSHAN I. ISMAILOV www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=259 Vol 4 Issue 3 May-Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=260 Thermodynamics Applied in the Mixed Ligand Complexes of [Zn(II)-Antibiotics-Clindamycin] System: A Polarographic Approach LAXMI TANTUVAY www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=260 Vol 4 Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=262 Investigations of FT-IR, FT-Raman, UV-Visible, FT-NMR Spectra and Quantum Chemical Computations of Diphenylacetylene Molecule C. C. SANGEETHA,R. MADIVANANE,V. POUCHANAME www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=262 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=267 Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis of Merremia Dissecta (JACQ) Hall a Member of Convolvulaceae J. B. DEVHADE, M. J. DEVHADE AND S. S. KALWAGHE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=267 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=268 Ultrasonic Velocity and Related Acoustical Parameters at Different Concentrations of 2-Hydroxy-5-Chloro Substituted Chalconedibromides in Ethanol at 303K R. S. WATANE and P. B. RAGHUWANSHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=268 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=269 Microbiological Activity of A New Series of 1-Formamidino- (N-Substitutedthioamido)-5-Substituted -2-Thio-4-Imino Biurets. M. E. SHELKE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=269 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=270 Environmentally Benign Synthesis of 1, 2, 4-Thiadiazoline by Microwave Irradiation S.V.TAMBAKHE1 , B.N.BERAD2 , P.B.RAGHUWANSHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=270 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=271 Stability Constant Determination of Substituted Imidazolinone Drugs pH-Metrically R. R. TAYADE , A. S. SHRIRAO , V. S. JAGTAP , P. P. CHAUDHARI , K. G. CHAUDHARI , M. P.WADEKAR* www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=271 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=272 Detection of Heavy Metal Ions from Water using Conventional Chelating Agents (Citric Acid And EDTA) in and around Murtizapur Region D. B. DUPARE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=272 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=273 Indian System of Medicine Offers Sustainable and Affordable Drug Development D. S. HEDAOO , M. P. WADEKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=273 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=274 Interferometric Studies of 4-Methyl-7-Hydroxycoumarin in Binary Mixture of Water with 1-Propanol and 2-Propanol H. V. BURGHATE and P. B. RAGHUWANSHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=274 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=275 Extraction and Identification of Phytoconstituents from Leaves of Some Phyllanthus Plants by GCMS KETKI D. BANSOD AND P. P. DEOHATE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=275 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=276 Studies of Formation Constants of Ethyl-4(2-Hydroxy-Phenyl)-6- Methyl-2-Oxo-1,2,3,4 Tetrahydropyrimidine -5-Carboxylate Complexes with Ca(II), Cu(II) and Ce(III) Metal Ions at 0.1m Ionic Strength pH-Metrycally. MAYURI S. DESHMUKH AND M. L. NARWADE, www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=276 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=277 Study of Transport and Electrical Properties of PEO: PVP: NaClO2 Based Polymer Electrolyte P.A.FARTODE, S.S.YAWALE ,S.P.YAWALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=277 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=278 Isolation and Identification of Quercetin and Rutin from Leaves of Tridax Procumbens Linn by HPLC Analysis P.S PANDE and M.N MISHRA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=278 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=279 Viscosity Measurement of Substituted Schiff’s Bases in 70% DMF-Water Mixture at Different Temperature And Determination of Thermodynamic Parameters S. P. WAGH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=279 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=280 Transformation of Living Being Health by Waste Water Treatment KHUSHBOO S. GUPTA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=280 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=281 Synthesis and Characterization of Lead Oxide Nanoparticles S. D. Meshram , R. V. Rupnarayan , S. V. Jagtap, V. G. Mete , V. S. Sangawar www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=281 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=282 Isolation and Screening of Phyto-Chemicals in Traditional Herbal Drug Formulation on Arthritis ANITA J. BODAKE , S. B. PATIL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=282 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=283 Equilibrium Studies of Binary and Ternary Complexes of Some Transition Metal Ions with Thiamine Hydrochloride A.B. PATIL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=283 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=284 Synthesis of Some Sulfonamide Chalcones of Biological Interest S. P. BAHEKAR, P. B. SARODE, N. R. AGRAWAL AND H. S. CHANDAK www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=284 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=285 Alum [KAL(SO4)2·12H2O]: An Inexpensive and Efficient Catalyst for Knoevenagel Condensation in Water K. F. SHELKE1 , N. S. THAKARE2 , R. E. KHADSE3 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=285 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=286 Synthesis and Characterization of Some 2-Azetidinones S. S. THAKARE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=286 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=287 Application of CFFSAC as a New Adsorbent Material for Cd(II) Removal VILAYATKAR N.D., GADEGONE S.M., AND RAHANGDALE P.K. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=287 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=288 Comparative Account of Amino Acids in Healthy as Well as Infected Leaves of Tinospora Cordifolia (Willd). Miers (Menispermaceae) by Using HPTLC MISS V. S. BURE and A.U. PACHKHEDE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=288 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=289 Studies in Additive Properties Such as Molar Refractivities and Molar Polarizibility Constant of Some Substituted Drugs with Different Concentration in Various Media. G. D.TAMBATKAR1 , M.R. GADPAYLE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=289 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=290 Characterisation of PPY/CECl3 Composite Synthesized By Simple Chemical Polymerization Method N. S. DIXIT , V. M. RAUT www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=290 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=291 Densities and Refractive Indices of Substituted Hydrazone at Different Binary Mixture of Different Compositions PRADNYA KHADSE, ALICE S. CHANDAMI AND M.P.WADEKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=291 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=292 Determination of Density, Ultrasonic Velocity and Other Acoustic Parameters of Aqueous Binary Mixtures of Substituted Hydrazone at 298 K SONALI S SUNE, MONALI M KALASKAR AND M. P. WADEKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=292 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=293 Spectroscopic Investigation at Different pH and FMO Analysis of Unsymmetrical Schiff Bases ATISH K. MALDHURE , SNEHAL M. GHATOL , RUCHA D. KULKARNI AND S. M. BOMBATKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=293 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=294 Eco Friendly Students Training Methods in Analytical Chemistry S. P. KULKARNI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=294 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=295 Biological Evaluation of Some Newly Synthesized Thiadiazines KAVITA M. HEDA , RUPALI S. MANTRI AND SHIRISH P. DESHMUKH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=295 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=296 Spectrophotometric Evaluation of Leaching Behaviour and Groundwater Contamination of Isoproturon Herbicide D.K.SHARMA1 , KUSHAL SINGH2 AND SAPNA SUMAN3 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=296 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=297 Study of Suitability of Groundwater for Agricutural Purpose: Quality Assessment of Water From Adan River, Yavatmal District of Maharashtra. WANKHADE R.R. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=297 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=298 Analysis of Water Quality Using Physio-Chemical Parameters from Jamwadi Dam at Yavatmal District S. R. ASWALE , SUNANDA S. ASWALE , SACHIN ZADE AND P. K. TRIPATHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=298 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=299 Preparation and Gas Sensing Performance of Nanostructured Copper Doped Nickel Oxides A.V.KADU 1, S.V.JAGTAP 2 & N.N.GEDAM3 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=299 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=300 Transition Metal Complex Gold (III) Inhibits Potential Anticancer Target Human DNA Topoisomerase IB PRAFULLA KATKAR1 RAYMOND WAI-YIN SUN2 AND ALESSANDRO DESIDERI3 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=300 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=301 Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Substituted Pyrazolines obtained from 1-(4-Chloro-1-Hydroxynaphthalen-2-Yl)-3-Aryl-Prop-2-EN-1-Ones V.M.SHERKAR, S.G.SHAHANE, S.E.BHANDARKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=301 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=302 Hydro chemical Analysisand Purification of Domestic Waste Water by Using clay filter of Kathora region, Amravati district. India W.K.POKALE ,N.A.KALAMBE , S.V.AGARKAR , H.R.DHANBHAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=302 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=303 Synthesis and Antifungal Screening of Thiazolidin-4-One Derivatives S.E.BHANDARKAR , S.V.KATHALE , B.P.KOBRAGADE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=303 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=304 Synthesis, Charecterisation and Antibacterial Activities of Some New Bromo/Nitro 1,3-Thiazenes TEJASWINI S.BANTE, V. V. PARHATE AND P.R.RAJPUT www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=304 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=305 Activated Tree Bark as an Adsorbent for Heavy Metal Removal: Study Through Isotherm Analysis DEEPA PANHEKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=305 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=306 Microwave Assisted Solvent Free Synthesis of 2,7-(Substituted Phenyl)- 3-Phenyl-5,7,7A-Trihydro-2H-Thiazolo [4,5-D] [1,3] Thiazin-5-Amine Derivatives SONAL D.BOOB AND P.R. SOLANKI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=306 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=307 Seasonal Variation in Physico-Chemical Parameters and Incidence of Pesticides Residues of Poha Dam Reservoir, Karanja (Lad), Dist. Washim (M.S.) N.S.THAKARE , S.D. BHAGAT , R.M. JUMALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=307 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=308 Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis of Merremia Dissecta (JACQ) Hall a Member of Convolvulaceae. J. B. DEVHADE,M. J. DEVHADE AND S. S. KALWAGHE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=308 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=309 Resent Observations on the Physiochemical Parameters and Organochlorine Pesticides Residues of Water from Asola Dam, Manora (M.S.) N.S. THAKARE , S.D. INGOLE , S.S. GAWANDE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=309 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=310 Molecular Interaction Study of Caffeine with Metal Ions in Aqueous Solution through Internal Pressure KISHORE D. UMALEY , ANAND S. ASWAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=310 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=311 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sensing Application of ZnO Quantum Dots Loaded Graphene Composite K. R. NEMADE AND S. A. WAGHULEY www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=311 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=312 Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Co(II) Adsorption on Moringa Olifera Bark From Aqueous Solutions V.H. WAGHMARE, U.E. CHAUDHARI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=312 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=313 Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Impregnated Granulated Activated Charcoal for the Scavenging of Cr (VI) Metal Ions from Aqueous Solution U.E. CHAUDHARI, A.K. WANJARI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=313 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=314 Some Theoretical Aspects of Polarography SWAROOPARANI N. GUPTA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=314 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=315 Histological Alterations in The Liver Architecture of Freshwater Fish, Rasbora Daniconius, Exposed to Sodium Fluoride K. B. SANGVE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=315 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=316 Synthesis of Some Acridin-9-Yl-Aryl-Thiourea and their Antimicrobial Study P. R. KAWLE AND P. P. DEOHATE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=316 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=317 Characterization of Paracetamol and Meta-Hydroxyacetanilide SWAROOPARANI N. GUPTA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=317 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=318 Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Chlorosubstituted Thiazoles and Thiazolo-Imidazoles and their Impact on Pathogens Damaging Oyster Mushroom Cultivation N. G. GHODILE AND P. R. RAJPUT www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=318 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=319 Mild and Efficient Synthesis of 2-Aryl Benzimidazoles in Water Using SDS S. D. PARDESHI, S. N. THORE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=319 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=320 Variation of Acoustical Parameters of Herbal Extract Pomegranate Solutions at Frequency 4MHz S. R. ASWALE, SUNANDA S. ASWALE AND V. N. 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H. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=329 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=330 Characterization of synthesized Sn-doped polyaniline A. S. DURANI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=330 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=331 Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Novel Pyrimidine Linked Pyrazoles KALPANA A. PALASPAGAR AND P. P. DEOHATE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=331 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=332 Novel Synthesis of 2, 3 Disubstituted Methylene Furan Quinoxaline From Disubstituted Acetophenone and Its Biological Activity S.V.KOLHE, R.M.JUMLE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=332 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=333 GC-MS analysis of the liverwort Plagiochasma appendiculatum Lehm. et Lindenb. WANKHEDE T.B.AND MANIK S.R www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=333 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=334 Synthesis and Characterization of New Conjugated Electroluminescent Polyquinoline Derivative V. M. RAUT, PRATIMA V. DAMRE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=334 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=335 Printing of Cotton/ Jute Union Fabric with Annona Squamosa Linn. Leaf Extract and Its Assessment towards Sunlight and Wash Fastness A. S. DESHMUKH1 AND A. S. BEDRE2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=335 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=336 Effect of Extracts of Test Plants, Isolated Ingredient and Prepared Analogues on Serum Inorganic Ions (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous) in Albino Rats M. O. MALPANI *, P. R. 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RAJPUT ,V.V.PARHATE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=349 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=350 Studies in Acoustic Parameters of Promethazine Drug in DioxaneWater Solvent at Different Temperatures U.S. WASNIK , R.M.JUMLE AND P.R. RAJPUT www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=350 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=351 Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zinc Oxide and Its Photocatalytic Effect H. P. SURYAWANSHI, S. G. BACHHAV, D. R. PATIL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=351 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=352 Synthesis of γ-Amino Butyric Acid as a Neurotransmitter Inhibitor using Asymmetric Michael addition of Diethyl Malonate to Nitrostyrene M. N. LOKHANDE , M. D. NIKALJE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=352 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=353  Study of Structure and Optical for Chemically Synthesized Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles P.B. RATHOD , K.R. NEMADE , S.A.WAGHULE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=353 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=354 Green Chemistry: Applications of Naturally Occuring Materials to Replace Harmful Chemical Compounds P. R. MAHALLE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=354 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=355 Adsorption Studies of Pb (II) Ions by Using Modified Bengal Gram Husk (Cicer Aritinum): Thermodynamics And Kinetics DEEPA PANHEKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=355 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=356 Study of Impact of Coal Mining on Air Quality Near Wani, Dist. Yavatmal S R WARHATE1 W.K. POKALE2 , A. W. POKALE3 AND M. K. N. YENKIE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=356 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=357 Optimizing Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Initiatives towards Effective Pollution Control ASHOK G. MATANI1 , S. K. DOIFODE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=357 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=358 Green Chemistry, Green Solvents and Alternative Techniques in Organic Synthesis SONALI R. SHARMA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=358 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=359 An Overview of Approaches Used for Degradation of Synthetic Plastic Polymers VIJAYA S. SANGAWAR AND SEEMA S. DESHMEUKH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=359 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=360 Assessment of Water Quality in the River Purna, District-Akola, Maharashtra JUMLE R.M. , KOLHE S.V. , AND WASNIK U.S. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=360 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=361 Survey of Bio-Medical Waste Disposal System in Some Hospitals of Amravati City S.K. TIPPAT , AND A.U. PACHKHADE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=361 Vol 4 Special Issue 4, NCSC Jan 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=362 Effective Industrial Waste Utilization Technologies towards Cleaner Environment S. K. DOIFODE , ASHOK G. MATANI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=362 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=363 Study of Stability Constant of Transition Metal Complexes with 7-Hydroxy Flavones V. M. SHINDE , G. R. PANDHARE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=363 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=364 Study of Electrical Properties of Eucalyptus Sp. Plant Leaves V. D. KULKARNI , P. D. KAD , V. N. NIGHOT , P. S. KULKARNI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=364 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=365 Analysis of Electro-kinetic Properties of NiFe2O4 Nanoparticles Synthesized by Co-precipitation Method and its Effect on the Adsorption of BSA S. V. BHOSALE, V. C. HOLKUNDE , S. V. BHORASKAR , V. L. MATHE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=365 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=366 Experimental Study of Glass Plate as a Nuclear Fission Track Detector for Fast and Slow Neutron Flux Measurement G. R. PANSARE , S. R. PAPAT , P. A. KHARDEKAR S. D. DHOLE , V. N. BHORASKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=366 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=367 A Prototype Eco-farming model: Quantization of Biomass energies U. K. MOHITE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=367 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=368 Investigating effects of Geopathic Stress on Health Parameters in Young Healthy Volunteers S. D. AGHAV, P. S. TAMBADE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=368 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=369 Study of Nutrient Stresses in Plants by FTIR Spectroscopy A. D. SURYAWANSHI , R. B. BHISE , D. D. SURYAWANSHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=369 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=371 Measurement and Study of Soil pH and Conductivity in Grape Vineyards S. F. DHAKANE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=371 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=372 Synthesis and Characterization of Ge-related Microstructures and Nanostructures A. S. KATKAR , P. N. SHELKE , Y. B. KHOLLAM www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=372 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=373 Synthesis and Characterization of Ni-Cu-Zn Ferrite Materials by Auto Combustion Technique V. V. AWATI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=373 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=374 Structural and Electrical Properties of (1-x)Ni0.90Co0.05Mn0.05Fe2O4 + (x)BaTiO3 Magnetoelectric Composites S. A. LOKARE , Y. B. KHOLLAM www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=374 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=375 Enhancement of Photovoltaic Properties of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell using Nanocrystalline TiO2 Films M.T. SARODE , Y. B. KHOLLAM , S. D. GUNJAL , P. N. SHELKE , B. B. KALE , K. C. MOHITE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=375 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=376 Measurement of Cross-Sections of (n, γ) Nuclear Reactions Induced by Thermal Neutrons for Sodium, Copper, Arsenic and Potassium G. R. PANSARE , S. R. PAPAT , P. A. KHARDEKAR , S. D. DHOLE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=376 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=377 Solar Photocatalytic Activity of Hydrothermal treated P25 TiO2 Powder H. P. SURYAWANSHI , K.M. SARODE , S. G. BACHHAV , D. R. PATIL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=377 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=378 Effect of Low Frequency Mechanical Vibrations on Human Blood (in vitro) V. K. GHODAKE, G. R. KULKARNI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=378 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=379 Edible Oil Deterioration Analysis via. Optochemical Spectrum Analyzer A.V. SHELKE , P. S. MORE , Y. B. KHOLLAM www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=379 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=380 Pt Embedded Porous Aluminum based Gas Sensor C. S. GHUGE , P. S. MORE, Y. B. KHOLLAM www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=380 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=381 Soil Character Analysis via Wide Band Optical Wave Guide Sensor H. R. KHAMBAYAT , P. S. MORE , M. T. SARODE , Y. B. KHOLLAM www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=381 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=382 Preparation of MgO Nanostructure Powder by Sol-gel Method M. S. WAGH , A. M. PATIL , H. M. BAVISKAR , M. M. WAGH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=382 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=383 Doping Effects on LPG Gas Sensing Properties of Spray Pyrolyzed ZnO:Cu/CuO Films P. S. MORE , Y. B. KHOLLAM www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=383 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=384 Mass Absorption Coefficient of Gamma Radiations for Aluminum, Copper, Lead and Plastic (LDPE) Material G. R. PANSARE , S. S. MORE , T. P. PANDIT , S. R. PAPAT www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=384 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=385 Structural, Optical and Morphological Properties of Sprayed CuInS2 (CIS) films for solar cells S. D. GUNJAL, Y. B. KHOLLAM , P. N. SHELKE , K. C. MOHITE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=385 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=386 Optical Properties of Co3O4 Films Deposited by DC Electrochemical Method P. N. SHELKE , S. D. GUNJAL , P. S. MORE , K. C. MOHITE , Y. B. KHOLLAM www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=386 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=387 He-Ne Laser Irradiation of Blood in vitro and FTIR Spectral Analysis V. H. GHADAGE , G. R. KULKARNI , B. N. ZAWARE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=387 VOL 4 Special Issue 5 ETP May 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=388 Structural and Electrical Properties of BaTiO3 prepared by Solid State Route S. A. LOKARE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=388 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=389 Investigation of Structural, Optical and Photocatalytic Properties of Sr Doped Zno Nanoparticles S. LAKSHMANA PERUMAL P.HEMALATHA M.ALAGARA K.NAVANEETHA PANDIYARAJ www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=389 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=390 Evaluation of Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Transferred Arc Plasma (TAP) Melted La2Zr2O7 Ceramics for Thermal Barrier Coatings S.KARTHIKEYAN *, V. BALASUBRAMANIAN , R.RAJENDRAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=390 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=391 Experimental Study on Synthesizing Methods of Low Cost Mullite – Zro2 Glass Ceramics B.SHREERAM , DR.I.RAJENDRAN , Dr. NAVANEETHA PANDIARAJ www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=391 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=392 Spectroscopic Investigation, HOMO-LUMO Analysis and Non Linear Optical Studies on Iso Vanillin Thiosemicarbazone D.SRIDHER ,A.MUTHUSAMY J.THAMARAIMANALAN , R.PACKIARAJ , AND V.SATHYANARAYANAMOORTHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=392 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=393 Ion-Acoustic Double Layers in Dusty Plasma Consisting of Two-Temperature Nonisothermal Electrons and Positrons S.N.PAUL, A.CHATTERJEE ,I. PAUL AND B.GHOSH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=393 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=394 Analytical Study on Emission of Strong Terahertz Pulses From Laser Wakefields in Plasma DIVYA SINGH*, HITENDRA K. MALIK www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=394 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=395 Characterization of Dc Plasma Spray Torch and Synthesis of Lanthanum Zirconate for Thermal Barrier Coatings by Ball Milling Method S. SIVAKUMAR, K. PRAVEEN, AND G. SHANMUGAVELAYUTHAM* www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=395 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=396 Effect of Anisotropic Pressure of Ions on Solitary Waves in Cometary Dusty Plasmas with Kappa described Electrons SIJOSEBASTIAN , MANESH MICHAEL , SREEKALA G. , NEETHU THERESA WILLINGTON AND CHANDUVENUGOPAL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=396 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=397 Stability of Electrostatic Waves in a Multi-Ion Permeating Plasma. MANESH MICHAEL , SIJO SEBASTIAN , G. SREEKALA , M. AMIR , G. RENUKA , CHANDU VENUGOPAL* www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=397 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=398 Dust Ion Acoustic Solitary Waves in a Pair-Ion Plasma with Super Thermal Electrons G. SREEKALA , MANESH MICHAEL , SIJO SEBASTIAN , NOBLE P. ABRAHAM , G. RENUKA , CHANDU VENUGOPAL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=398 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=399 Study on Nano Particles Coated Viscose Fabric Using Low Temperature Plasma N.KARTHIKEYAN , K.A.VIJAYALAKSHMI , K.VIGNESH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=399 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=400 Growth, Structure and Optical Studies of Undoped And Potassium Nitrate Doped Glycine Single Crystals *P.YASOTHA , R.THIAGARAJAN, P.SAGUNTHALA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=400 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=401 Growth and Characterization of Zinc Acetate Doped L-Alanine Single Crystals *A.SATHYA , P.YASOTHA , P.SAGUNTHALA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=401 VOL 4 Special Issue 6 APST Jun 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=402 Analytical Study of Electrothermal Efficiency of Plasma Jet in Plasma Spray Torch T. 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BHATIA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=411 Vol 4 Issue 4 Jul- Aug 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=412 Synthesis, Structure, Magnetic and Electric Transport Properties of W0.5 Si0.5 Se1.95 PAWAN K. SHARMA,INDU B. SHARMA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=412 Vol 4 Issue 4 Jul- Aug 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=413 Synthesis and Characterisation of Eu3+ doped BaYSi2Al2O2N5 Nitride Based Phosphor S. A. FARTODE,S.J. DHOBLE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=413 Vol 4 Issue 4 Jul- Aug 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=414 DC Conductivity and Density Measurements in Lithium Borate Glasses D. T. DONGARE,R. V. BARDE,A. B. LAD,S. A. WAGHULEY* www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=414 Vol 4 Issue 4 Jul- Aug 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=415 Synthesis and Molecilar Docking study of 2-Aryl/Heteroaryl quinoline - 4- Carboxylic Acids for Antimalerial, Antituberculosos and Anticance Activities P.S. 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PARVEEN BANU www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=421 Vol 4 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=422 Optical Absorption Spectra of Li2O-Zno-B2o3 Glasses Doped With Copper Ions SUBRAHMANYESWARA RAO BHOGADI,JYOTHI RAJU.K,N.CH.RAVIBABU,YAKKALA,V.G.V.A.PRASAD,SOMAROUTHU www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=422 Vol 4 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=423 Kinetics and Mechanism of Ru(III) Catalysed Oxidation of Xylitol by Chloramine-T in Perchloric Acid Medium AMRITA SRIVASTAVA,SWARNLATA BANSAL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=423 Vol 4 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=424 Investigation of Destruction of Polymers Modified by Nitrogen and Phosphorus Containing Silicon-Organical Compounds KURBANOVА M. 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E. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=432 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=433 Dilatometric Research of Copolymerization of Acrylamidewith N-Vinyl-Lactams U. MIRZAEV,I.ISMAILOV,M.MIRZAEVA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=433 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=434 Synthesis, Structure, Magnetic and Electric Transport Propertiesof Zr0.5Si0.5Se1.90 PAWAN K. SHARMA1 AND INDU B. SHARMA2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=434 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=435 The Syntheses Heterocyclic Airwaves Polimetakryl Acids and Study of theInfluence upon Low Temperature Characteristic of Diesel Gas PHOZILOV SADRIDDIN FAYZULLAEVICH1 ANDPULATOVA BERNORA FARKHODJON KIZI2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=435 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=436 Synthesis, Structure, Magnetic and Electric Transport Propertiesof Zr0.5Si0.5Te1.93 PAWAN K. SHARMA1 AND INDU B. SHARMA2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=436 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=437 Optical Properties of Lithium - Zinc – Boro- MolybdateGlassDoped with Rare Earth Oxides SOWRABH SUDEVAN1,TARUN TILAK1,RISHOV MUKHERJEE1,ASHA RAJIV1,M. SUDHAKAR REDDY1 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=437 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=438 Influence of Dopant Concentration on Structural and Optical Propertiesof Cu Doped ZnO Nanoparticles S. DAPHNE REBEKAL1,S. MEENAKSHI SUNDAR2,R. VENKATARAMAN3,C.PREMA2,P.JAYAMURUGAN4 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=438 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=439 Synthesis and Charactrization of New 3, 5 Disubstituted Pyrazoline N. R. THAKARE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=439 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=440 Analysis of Temperature Dependent AnharmonicBehaviour of Lanthanum Compounds A. K. CHOUDHARY1,KAILASH2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=440 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=441 Ultrasonic Studies in Ternary Mixtures of Alcohols With NN DMA in NHexaneat 303K A. SHERIF1 AND S. NARAYANAN2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=441 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=442 Synthesis of Bis 1h-Indole Methane Derivatives Using Cellulose PerchloricAcid Under Solvent-Free Conditions S. B. GAIKWAD1,3,S. B. BORUL2 AND S. R. BEMBALKAR3 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=442 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=443 Viscometric and Thermodynamic Studies onStrong Electrolytes-Metal Chlorides and Metal Sulphatesin Aqueous Medium at Different Temperatures B SWAIN1,R N MISHRA2 AND U N DASH3 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=443 Vol 4 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2015 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=444 Synthesis, Characterization and Photo-Catalytic Activity ofNitrogen-Doped and Undoped Tio2 Nanoparticles M. VISHWAS 1,D. NEELA PRIYA2,K. NARASIMHA RAO3,ASHOK M. RAICHUR2 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=444 Vol 5, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=445 3-Hydroxymethylidene-1,2,3,9-tetrahydropyrrolo[2,1-b]-quinazolin-9-one and4-(formyl)-1,2,3,4,10-pentahydropyrido[2,1-b]-quinazolin-10-one - newsintons for obtaining of 3,4-dihydroisoquinolines SH. N. ZHURAKULOV,,V. I. VINOGRADOVA 15-2-16 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=445 Vol 5, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=446 Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination and Sediment Quality of Thengapattinam Estuary in Kanyakumari District D. HELEN, C. VAITHYANATHAN AND A. RAMALINGOM PILLAI 15-2-16 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=446 Vol 5, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=447 Synthesis, Characterization, Quantum Mechanical Studies and Antimicrobial Activity of Pentacoordianted Silicon Complexes Derived from Schiff's Bases PRIYA DUGGAL 15-2-16 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=447 Vol 5, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=448 A Study of the Structural and Physical Properties of Substituted Barium Hexaferrite PUSHPINDER GUPTA BHATIA 15-2-16 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=448 Vol 5, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=449 Synthesis and Anti-microbial Activity of Novel Pyrrolidine Containing Chalconesand Pyrazolines PARDESHI S. D., SONAR J. P., DOKHE S. A., ZINE A. M., THORE S. N. 15-2-16 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=449 Vol 5, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=450 Water Quality of Two Ponds in Waghodiya Taluka, Vadodara District T.R. PATEL, J.Y. RATHOD, D.J. GAVALI AND J. LAKHMAPURKAR 15-2-16 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=450 Vol 5, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=451 Ultrasonic Investigation of Intermolecular Interactions in Binary Mixture of Isobutyl Methyl Ketone and Acetone SUDESHNA MALLICK,ASHOK KUMAR DASH AND RITA PAIKARAY 15-2-16 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=451 Vol 5, Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=452 Binary Phase Diagramand Thin Film Coatings of Bimetallic Oxides using Bis(N-isopropylsalicylaldimine)M(II) M = Co, Ni and Zn as a Single Source Precursor for Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition C. CHANDRAKALA, P. SRAVANTHI, K. S. NAGARAJA, B. JEYARAJ 15-2-16 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=452 Vol 5, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=454 Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Magnetic Properties ofNew Binuclear Copper (II) Complexes ContainingIsomeric Long Multiatomic Bridging Groups. RAN BAHADUR YADAV 15-4-2016 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=454 Vol 5, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=455 X-ray Spectral Study by EXAFS of Some Copper (II) Complexes using Synchrotron Radiation Source JAISHREE BHALE, PRADEEP SHARMA, A.MISHRA, S. NINAMA 15-4-2016 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=455 Vol 5, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=456 Intensifikators Increases of Fixing of Dyes VALEEVA N. G. 15-4-2016 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=456 Vol 5, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=458 Xanes Study of Copper((II) Mixed-Ligand Complexes of 8-Hydroxyquinoline JAISHREE BHALE,PRADEEP SHARMA,A.MISHRA 15-4-2016 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=458 Vol 5, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=459 Evaluation of Health Risk in Infants by Organochlorine Pesticides (OCPs) Through Breast Milk BHUVANESHWARI RANGARAJAN, S. RAJAGURU, SHANMUGAM GOVINDARAJ, RAMASWAMY BABU RAJENDRAN 15-4-2016 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=459 Vol 5, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=460 Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties of La2Srln2S7 SHARMA P. K. AND SHARMA INDU B. 15-4-2016 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=460 Vol 5, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=461 Surface Modification and Irradiation Strength of InP and GaP R. L. DUBEY, S. K. DUBEY 15-4-2016 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=461 Vol 5, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=463 Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties of La2SrBi2S7 SHARMA P. K. AND SHARMA INDU B. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=463 Vol 5, Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=462 Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties of La3Cd2S6.45 SHARMA P. K. AND SHARMA INDU B. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=462 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=464 Preparation of Y3+ Substituted Mg-Cd Ferrites by Sol-gel Method: Structuraland Magnetic Properties R. B. BHISE,S. M. RATHOD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=464 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=465 Electrodeposition of Copper and its' Anodic Conversion to CuO Useful as Solar Selective Absorber KALPANA PAWAR,J.D.DESAI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=465 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=466 Temperature Dependant Analysis of Dielectric constant, Mole fraction, Wave vector and its Effect on Energy in GaN/AlGaN Quantum Heterostructures JYOTI PATIL,SHARMILA CHAUDHARI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=466 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=467 Synthesis, Characterisation of Transition Metal Doped ZnO Photo catalyst and its Application for Dye Degradation using Solar Irradiation S.C. KANADE,D. R. SHINDE,K.G.KANADE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=467 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=468 Preparation of GeOx Nanowires and Nanotubes by using Vapor TransportMethod and their Characterization A. S. KATKAR,Y. B. KHOLLAM,P. N. SHELKE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=468 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=469 Investigating Impacts of Radiofrequency Radiations due to Cell Phone S. D. AGHAV,A. J. TIWARI,J.V.YANDE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=469 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=470 Influence of La3+ Doped Ni-Co Nanoferrite and Magnetic Properties by Sol-Gel Auto Combustion Method V. D. KULKARNI,M. V. BHUJBAL,S. M. RATHOD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=470 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=471 Synthesis of 2,4-Disubstituted Imidazoles via Electrophillic Addition/Buchwald C-N Bond Formation Reaction M B SURYAWANSHI,SACHIN S PATIL,VIVEK D BOBADE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=471 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=472 Using Low Power He-Ne Laser for Studying Physicochemical Properties of Human Blood J. V. YANDE,S. D. AGHAV,D. S. PATIL,HUSSEIN FLAYYIH OUDAH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=472 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=473 Measurement of Cross Section of (n,γ) Nuclear Reactions for Chlorine and Bromine Induced by Thermal Neutrons G. R. PANSARE,M.A.KOLHE,M. S. TANPURE,V. K. MULIK www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=473 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=474 Solvolysis of KBrO3 in Different Solvent Systems A. B. NIKUMBH,M. V. RATHI,A. H. DHAMANE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=474 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=475 Measurement of Soil Parameters in the Formation of Pink Berry in Grape Vineyards Using Biophysical and Biochemical Techniques S. F. DHAKANE,R. B. BHISE,P. B. VIDYASAGAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=475 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=476 Synthesis, Characterization and Optical Properties of Co3O4 FilmsGrown By CBD Technique P. L. MACHALE,Y. B. KHOLLAM,M. T. SARODE,P. N. SHELKE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=476 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=477 Room Temperature Gas Sensing Properties of Co3O4 Films Grown by DC Electrochemical Deposition Technique D. V. RASAL,Y. B. KHOLLAM,A. M. DATIR,P. N. SHELKE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=477 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=478 Melanin Thin Films Prepared by Electrochemical Deposition Method and Their Characterizations P. D. DHOLE,Y. B. KHOLLAM,S. R. JADKAR,S. D. GUNJAL,P. N. SHELKE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=478 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=479 Theoretical Modeling of Radiation Damage in Silicon Solar Cells ANURADHA B. BHALERAO,B. G. WAGH,C. D. LOKHANDE,ANIL AGRAWAL,P. T. SRIKAR,K. SANKARSUBRAMANIAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=479 Vol. 5 Special Issue 7 FESEM June 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=480 Tridax Procumbens: A Medicinal Gift of Nature for Healing Diabetic wound B.M. PARDESHI,VINOD BHIUNGADE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=480 Vol 5 Issue 3 May-Jun 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=481 Gas Sensing Properties of WO3 Thick Film Resistors Prepared by Screen Printing Technique ARUN S GARDE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=481 Vol 5 Issue 3 May-Jun 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=482 Synthesis and Study of Thermally Stable Fluorescent Polyesters D. V. VASAVA,S. K. PATEL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=482 Vol 5 Issue 3 May-Jun 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=483 Studies of Interactions between Ruthenium (II) Polypyridyl Complexes and 1,4 Benzoquinone S. SORNALATHA,K. SWARNALATHA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=483 Vol 5 Issue 3 May-Jun 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=484 Monitoring of Heavy Metals Pollution in the Soil Samples around Different Industries of Bilaspur District RITA BAJPAI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=484 Vol 5 Issue 3 May-Jun 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=485 Thermal and Microbial Studies of Copolymers of Acrylonitrile/ Acrylamide/ Vinyl Acetate of N-Substituted Maleimide JYOTI CHAUDHARY,SWATI PUROHIT,SUMAN JINGER,HARSHDA JOSHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=485 Vol 5 Issue 3 May-Jun 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=486 OS (VIII) Catalysed Oxidation of L- Arginine by ferrate (VI) in Alkaline Medium: A Kinetic Study SHEILA SRIVASTAVA,DHARMRAJ PRAJAPATI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=486 Vol 5 Issue 3 May-Jun 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=487 X-Ray, K-Absorption Spectroscopic Studies of Mixed Ligand Copper (II) Complexes of Benzaldehyde JAISHREE BHALE,PRADEEP SHARMA,A.MISHRA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=487 Vol 5 Issue 3 May-Jun 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=488 Phytochemical Screening and In-Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Different Solvent Extracts of Musa Rasthali Fruit N. FREDERICK,J. V. MANI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=488 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=489 Amputation of Rash Dyes from Agricultural Waste Activated Carbon ARULANANTHAM XAVIER1, PANDI MUTHURAMAN2,MAYATHEVAR RAJAMANI1, BOSE AKILA1 www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=489 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=490 Removal of Hazardous Rhodamine B Dye by Using Chemically Activated Low Cost Adsorbent: Pine Cone Charcoal A. THAKUR and H. KAUR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=490 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=491 Study of Fluoride Level in The Borewell Water of Bilariyaganj NagarPanchayat Area of District Azamgarh, U. P. SHAFQAT ALAUDDIN and AYAZ-UL QUONANE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=491 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=492 Synthesis, Characterization of Organotin(IV) Complexes of Schiff BaseLigands and Evaluation of Their Biological Activities Against PathogenicBacteria and Fungi AARTI AHLAWAT, SONIKA ASIJAA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=492 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=493 Synthesis and Studies of Some Newly Heterocyclic Compounds and theirBiologically Activity HUSSAIN ALI SOLEIMAN,2, ALI KAMEL KHALAFALLAH1,MAHA MUBARK GOMA AND NASR YHYA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=493 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=494 Batch Adsorption Study for the Removal of Copper (II) Ion From AqueousSolution Using Ficus Bengalensis Leaf Powder N. G. TELKAPALLIWAR, A. D. MANWATKAR, V. M. SHIVANKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=494 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=495 Molecular Interactions in Liquid Mixture of2-Hydroxy-5-Sulpho Benzoic Acid in 50% Ethanol. P.J.GANJARE S.S. ASWALE AND S.R.ASWALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=495 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=496 Removal of Cu(II),Ni(II) and Cd(II) Ions from Waterby Rhizofiltration Using Brassica Juncea Plant Roots B.B.WANKHADE, V.B.SURADKAR, MD.TAUFIQUE,ZUBAIR KHAN and S.S. SOHANI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=496 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=497 Kinetics Modeling of Thermal Degradation of Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C)in White Sorrel Leave Vegetables B. DAUDA*1, I. M. IBRAHIM ,I. WAZIRI AND B. ABDULLATEEF www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=497 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=498 Synthesis of New Non Cyclic Ionophores and Their Use in Extraction andBulk Liquid Membrane Transport of Alkali Metal Ions VARSHA GAUTAM, LONI LOKWANI,SHARDA SHARMA AND UMA SHARMA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=498 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=499 Synthesis of 3-Hydroxypyridine and their Bio Growth Promoting Activity K. SH. HAMRAEV, B. F. MUHIDDINOV, A. G. MAKHSUMOV, and H. M. VAPOEV www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=499 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=500 Effect of CuO - Doping on Morphological and Electrical Properties of ZnO Thick Films M. K. DEORE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=500 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=501 Structural, Morphological and Opto-Electrical Properties of CdMgs Ternary Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications V. NARASIMMAN, M. ANBARASI, R. BASKARAN, V.S. NAGARETHINAM* www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=501 Vol 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=502 Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposites Glyptal Polymer of Titanium, Zirconium and Platinum Metal MANDAL P. V., KATHALE N. E. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=502 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=515 Auto Combustion Synthesis of Mg Doped Ni-Zn Ferrite Nanoparticle and their Characterization R.R. Rathi, P. Joshi, R. Neogi www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=515 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=504 Reduction of Oxygen at the Surface of Copolymer Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode with 1,8-Dihydroxy Anthra-9,10-Quinone G. AMALA JOTHI GRACE, A. GOMATHI AND C. VEDHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=504 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=505 Adsorption of Acid Red 14 from Aqueous Solution by Parthenium L (Carrot Grass): Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies A. M. ZINE, S. D. PARDESHI, N.M.LIGDE, R. P. PAWAR, J. P.SONAR, S.A.DOKHE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=505 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=506 Investigation of Synthetic Strategies of Carbon Spheres byChemical Vapour Deposition Method DIPITI PORWAL and KINGSUK MUKHOPADHYAY www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=506 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=507 Equilibrium Studies of Cytidine 5'-triphosphate & Nicotinic acid withMetal-cations [Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Cd(II), Mg(II) and Ca(II)] RAJENDRA KUMAR, BRAJESH KUMAR SHUKLA, SHALINI VERMA and V. KRISHNA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=507 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=508 Synthesis of 1,3-Diformamidinothiocarbamide and 1-Formamidino-3-Substituted for Mamidinothiocarbamides P.P.BARANGE,D.T.TAYADE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=508 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=509 Kinetic Studies on the Mechanism of Oxidation of Adonitol with Ru (III) by Acidic Chloramine T AMRITA SRIVASTAVA, SWARN LATA BANSAL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=509 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=510 Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of New Schiff Bases of Sulpha Drugs NEETU RIYAR, RAMNARESH SHARMA, DR.SADHANA SRIVASTAVA, Dr. V.K. SRIVASTAVA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=510 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=511 Study of Effect of Equilibrium Time and Concentration on Extraction of Metal Ions Using Ionophore1-(2-Methyl-4-(2-Methylphenyldiazenyl) Phenyl) Azonapthalen-2-Ol KIRTIYADAV AND VIJAY R. CHOUREY www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=511 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=512 Influence of Fluoride Level in Water on Dental Fluorosis Among School Children in Sivagiri Taluk, Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, India C.VELLATHURAI, P.SRI RENGANATHAN, V. SELVARAJ AND S. SELVARAJ www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=512 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=513 Hemi-Synthesized of Trypanocidal Thiosemicarbazones in Three Essential Oils Rich in Carbonyl Compounds SAKIRIGUI AMOUSSATOU, FATONDJI H. RAYMOND, GBAGUIDI A. FERNAND, KPOVIESSI D. S. SALOME, POUPAERT JACQUES, LECLERCQUE JOËLLE, ACCROMBESSI C. GEORGES www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=513 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=514 Structural and Morphological Studies of Spinel Type Nanocrystalline Co0.5Cr0.5Al2O4 S.V. AGNIHOTRI, V. KAPSE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=514 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=516 Modification of Structural Property of GaAs caused by Mn Ion Implantation SHARAD TRIPATHI, S. K. DUBEY, AMIT SINGH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=516 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=517 CIE Standard 23 Shades Color Measurement Using Wireless Tristimulus Colorimeter T.N.GHORUDE,M.P.PATIL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=517 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=518 Preparation and Photoluminescence of Hexagonal LaF3 Pr, Ho Nanoparticles by Microwave Assisted Technique TARANNUM VAHID ATTAR, MAHENDRA KHANDPEKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=518 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=519 Surface and Band Gap Modification of Zno Nanoparticles to Fine Tune the Optical Properties J. VISHWAKARMA, B. SABU, K. BHOTKAR, S. MEHTA, H. MUTHURAJAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=519 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=520 ZnCdS and ZnS QuantumWell Structure for IR Detector KAPIL K. BHORKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=520 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=521 Mg doped ZnO Dilute Magnetic Oxides Prepared by Chemical Method. A.H. MARU, H. KAMBLE, A. KALARIKKAL, R. SHAH, P. B. BHANUSE, N. PRADHAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=521 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=522 Visible Light Photocatalytic Activity of ZnO Nanoparticles Co-Doped with Vanadium and Nitrogen. KAKULI A. MAITI, R. JAISWAL, N. PATEL, R. FERNANDES, RAJLAKSHMI NEOGI, D.C KOTHARI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=522 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=523 Role of Nitrogen in Enhancing the Visible Light Absorption and Recombination Dynamics in V-N-Codoped TiO2 N. MAKANI,K. TIWARI, R. VARMA, R. JAISWAL, M. YADAV, D. C. KOTHARI, N. PATEL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=523 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=524 Study of Structural and Magnetic Properties of Modified La2NiMnO6 Double Perovskite P. M. Tirmali, S. M. Mane, S. K. Patil and S. B. Kulkarni www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=524 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=525 The Uneven Absorption Observed in UV-Vis Study of PDLC Mixed with Fe2O3 Np of Different Percentage SWATI KASHYAP, S.J GUPTA, JYOTI MAHAJAN, AMITA .V. PATEL, S.K.SAXENA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=525 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=526 Preparation and Properties of Cadmium Chalcogenide Thin Films VANDANA K. KAMBLE, VITHAL B. PUJARI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=526 Vol 5 Special Issue 8 ICPMCSC Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=527 Estimation of the Effective Thickness and its Seasonal Variation of the Moist Layer over the Indian Subcontinent and its Comparative Study. DR. K N PATHAK SHASTRI NIKET www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=527 Vol 5 Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=528 DNA Binding and Nuclease Activity of Structurally Characterized Triply Bridged Dinuclear Copper(II) Complex S. CHANDRASEKHAR, K. HUSSAIN REDDY and M. PRAGATHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=528 Vol 5 Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=529 Variation of Acoustical Parameters of Dextran in 2(M) Glycine with Temperature and Concentrations SUBHRARAJ PANDA AND ACHYUTA PRASAD MAHAPATRA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=529 Vol 5 Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=530 Impact of the Thickness and the Index of the Anti-Reflecting Coating on the Macroscopic Electric Parameters of the Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Film Solar Cell ALAIN KASSINE EHEMBA, DEMBA DIALLO, BABACAR MBOW, OUSMANE DIAGNE, MOUSTAPHA DIENG www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=530 Vol 5 Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=531 Synthesis and Photoelectron Spectroscopic Studies of Homonuclear Bimetallic Macrocyclic Complexes [M2L] ABHISHEK KUMAR,SHISHIR MALVIYA,RAJESH KUMAR KUSHWAHA,RAJENDRA KUMAR AND SHEKHAR SRIVASTAVA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=531 Vol 5 Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=532 Sorption of Heavy Metal Ions by New Anion Exchanger Based on a Copolymer of Glycidyl Polyethyleneimine G.E. ABDRALIYEVA*, N.A. BEKTENOV, K. A. SADYKOV, A.K. BAIDULLAEVA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=532 Vol 5 Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=533 Spinel-Type Nanosized Mixed Ferrite Containing Mg And Zn for Ammonia Gas Sensing T. R. TATTE, V. D. KAPSE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=533 Vol 5 Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=534 Structural Analysis and Dielectric Properties of Cobalt Incorporated Barium Titanate AMANTULLA MANSURI, ASHUTOSH MISHRA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=534 Vol 5 Issue 5 Sep-Oct 2016 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=503 Adsorption of Ni(II) from Synthetic Waste Waterby Tea Waste Adsorbent INDU SINGH, SHEEL RATAN AND R. M. NAIK www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=503 Vol 6, Issue 1 Jan - Feb 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=535 Polarizability and Optical Basicity of Sm3+ ions doped Yttrium Zinc Lithium Bismuth Borate Glasses S. L. MEENA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=535 Vol 6, Issue 1 Jan - Feb 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=536 Structural, Optical and Ellipsometric Characteristics of Synthesized SnO2 Nanoparticles on Pt Coated Silicon Wafers H. HOWARI and I.B.I. TOMSAH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=536 Vol 6, Issue 1 Jan - Feb 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=537 Some New Thorium (IV) Complexes of Azo-Ester Ligands KISHOR ARORA, A.K. SRIVASTAVA, A.S. CHAUHAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=537 Vol 6, Issue 1 Jan - Feb 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=538 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Semicarbazide Derivative of Disubstituted N, N-Dimethylaminomaleimides SUNITA A. CHAUDHARI (PATIL),VASANT M. PATIL,SATISH M. CHAVAN,KESHAV A. MAHALE,SAMBHAJI V. PATIL,RAGHUNATH B. TOCHE AND MADHUKAR N. JACHAK www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=538 Vol 6, Issue 1 Jan - Feb 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=539 Assessment of Isothermal Alkaloid Adsorption in Cigarettes by Low Cost Adsorbents NAJLA HABEEB ELHADI MOHAMED, AMIT CHATTREE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=539 Vol 6 Issue 2 Mar - April 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=540 Dissipation Kinetics of Chlorpyriphos in Citrus Fruit, Juice and Soil M.ARUNA,Y.HEMANTH SRIRAM,R.MADHUSUDHAN RAJU AND K. NARASIMHA REDDY www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=540 Vol 6 Issue 2 Mar - April 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=541 Improved Process for the Preparation of Mannich Bases of Benzimidazoles Using Diethoxymethane SATYANARAYANA PUNNA,I.E.CHAKRAVARTHY,M.ASWARTHA UMAKANTHAREDDY www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=541 Vol 6 Issue 2 Mar - April 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=542 Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of 6H–Indolo[2,3-B]Quinoxalines N-Mannich Base Derivatives ASWARTHA UMAKANTHA REDDY.M, J.SREERAMULU, P.SATYA NARAYANA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=542 Vol 6 Issue 2 Mar - April 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=543 Comparison of pH Study for Humic Acid in L-Phenylalanine and Humic Acid in Dimethylformamideby Using Thin Layer Chromatography for Separation and Estimation of Heavy Metal Ions MEGHNA H. JUMDE AND WASUDEO B. GURNULE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=543 Vol 6 Issue 2 Mar - April 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=544 Pb (II) Ions Adsorption onto Biomaterial Chitosan Hydrogel Beads - Isotherm And Kinetic Studies ASHA H. GEDAM, RAJENDRA S. DONGRE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=544 Vol 6 Issue 2 Mar - April 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=545 Synthesis and Structural Studies of 3-Imino-5-Dimethylamino- 7-Aryl/Alkylimino-1,2,4,6 –Thiatriazepines M.R Ugale, B.N.Berad www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=545 Vol 6 Issue 3 May - Jun 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=546 Thermodynamic, Kinetics, Mechanical, Electrical and Surface Study of Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Acidic Environment V. SAINI, S. KUMAR, H. KUMAR, B.KUMAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=546 Vol 6 Issue 3 May - Jun 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=547 Isolation and Identification of Extracellular Alkaline Protease Producing Bacteria from Soil Sample and Enzyme Immobilization N.S. GUPTA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=547 Vol 6 Issue 3 May - Jun 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=548 Adsorption Study of Copper(II) on F100 Granular Activated Carbon by Adsorption Technology DR.V.R.KINHIKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=548 Vol 6 Issue 3 May - Jun 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=549 Pharmacological Activities of Miraculous Plant Plantago Major L.: A Review JYOTI VANDANA, A. K. GUPTA AND ALOK MUKERJEE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=549 Vol 6 Issue 3 May - Jun 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=550 The Mercury(II) Catalysed Ligand Substitution Reaction Between Hexacyanoruthenate(II) and Ligand 4, 4'bipyridine in Aqueous Medium RADHEY.M.NAIK, RICHA RASTOGI, RUPAL YADAV, INDRESH KUMAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=550 Vol 6 Issue 3 May - Jun 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=551 Seasonal Variation and Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Sediments of Poovar Estuary, Kerala, South West Coast of India P.C DIVYA, H. MARY HELEN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=551 Vol 6 Issue 4 July - Aug 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=552 Experimental Investigations of Parabolic Dish with Conical CoilReceiver Using Therminol-55 D. SAKTHIVADIVEL, C. SAKTHIPRIYAN, DR. S. INIYAN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=552 Vol 6 Issue 4 July - Aug 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=553 Au7+ Ion Irradiation Induced Phase Transitions and Morphological Modifications in SnO2 Thin Films V. KONDKAR, D. RUKADE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=553 Vol 6 Issue 4 July - Aug 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=554 Synthesis, Characterization and Light Fastness Properties of Indigo Dye AKHIL KHEDULKAR,DINESH LONARE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=554 Vol 6 Issue 4 July - Aug 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=555 Studies on Growth Patterns of Amino Acids Admixed with Glucose in Geland Blood Media: Reduction in Blood Glucose by Amino Acids SHOBHNA DORTHY FREDRICKA,NAMITA RANI AGRAWAL AND ISHWAR DAS www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=555 Vol 6 Issue 4 July - Aug 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=556 Ultrasonic and Thermodynamical Parameters on Cinnamaldehyde with Ethylenediamine in n-hexane at different Temperature. Y GEETHA, S.CHIDAMBARA VINAYAGAM www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=556 Vol 6 Issue 4 July - Aug 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=557 Ruthenium (III) Catalysed Oxidation of D-Sorbitol by Chloramine T in Perchloric Acid Medium: A Kinetic and Mechanistic Approach AMRITA SRIVASTAVA, SWARN LATA BANSAL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=557 Vol 6 Issue 4 July - Aug 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=558 Synthesis and Study of Thermodynamic Functions of Sodium Tellurite Compounds S.M. Bhojane and S.K. Mukerjee www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=558 Vol 6 Issue 4 July - Aug 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=559 Experimental and Computational Studies of N-(4-Bromophenyl) Maleanilic Acid and N-(4-Bromophenyl) Maleimide JAYRAJ S.AHER , DNYANESHWAR D. 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NATH AND R.V.PRASAD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=563 Vol 6, Issue 5 Sept - Oct 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=564 Study of Amylase (alpha & beta) Activity and its Isozymic Analysis During Germination of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum Moench) Seeds DR. SAPNA DESHWAL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=564 Vol 6, Issue 5 Sept - Oct 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=565 Synthesis, Characterisation and Biological Evaluation of Some Novel Thieno [2,3-d] Pyrimidine Derivatives GUNDU MALLIKARJUN www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=565 Vol 6, Issue 5 Sept - Oct 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=566 Studies on Thermal Behaviours of Naphthalene Based Vinyl Ester Resins: Synthesis and Characterization J. CHAUDHARY, S. DADHICH, S. JINGER, S. PUROHIT, G. TAILOR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=566 Vol 6 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=567 Analysis of Physico-chemical Parameters of Ground Water in and around Kaptanganj of District Basti in Utter Pradesh – India R. V. PRASAD AND A. NATH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=567 Vol 6 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=568 Ultrasonic Behaviour and Study of Molecular Interaction of2-Hydroxy Substituted Quinoxaline in Ethanol Medium N.A. KALAMBE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=568 Vol 6 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=569 To Determine the Cleaning Ability of Soapnut A B. WADEKAR, S. K.BAVANE, A. P. SHEGOKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=569 Vol 6 Issue 6 Nov - Dec 2017 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=570 Antiangiogenic Activity of Pithecellobium Dulce Methanolic Leaf Extract Using Hen Cam Method D. SANTHIKRUPA, K. PADMALATHA, R. MOUNIKA, M. 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JOPALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=586 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=587 Green synthesis, Characterization of Derivatives of 1, 1'-binaphthalene]-2, 2'-diol A.A.KALE, D.N.GAIKWAD, D.V.SONAWANE, D.B.BANKAR, S.S.GAIKWAD, S.T.SHINDE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=587 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=588 Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanostructures by Electrochemical Reduction Method and Their Antifungal Application A. A. AGALE, D.M.SURYAWANSHI, S. T. GAIKWAD, A. S.RAJBHOJ www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=588 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=589 Synthesis, Spectral Characterization of 1, 3-diones with their Metal Complexes act as Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents D. M. SURYAWANSHI, M. D. SANGALE, D. N. GAIKWAD, D. V. SONAWANE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=589 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=590 Solar Energy Assisted Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Pollutants by Various Transition Metal Oxide Nanoparticles A.K. DESHMUKH, J.H. DESOUSA www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=590 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=591 Manganese Magnesium Oxalate: Reusableand Green Catalysts for yhe Synthesis of Quinolines and Dihydropyrimidine Derivatives R. P. KAGNE, B. V. TAMHANKAR, S. A. DHANMANE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=591 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=592 Application of Polymer (Rubber) for Construction of Elastic Pavements (Roads) Using Used Tyre – Best from Waste Dr. B.M. PARDESHI, S.A. RAUT www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=592 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=593 Facile and Low Cost Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticle by Precipitation Method D. N. GAIKWAD, D. V. SONAVANE, A. A. KALE, S.S. GAIKWAD, R.K. MANJUL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=593 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=594 Synthesis and Characterization of Zn0.5-x/2 Mgx Fe2 (2.5-x/2) O4 Nanocrystalline ferrite Prepared by Auto-Combustion Method MILIND BHANDARE, SURAJ WAGHMARE, ANANDRAO KALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=594 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=595 One Pot Synthesis 1,4 Dihydropyridines Catalyzed by Cu-doped ZnO Nanocatalyst D. N. GAIKWAD, R. K. MANJUL, A.A. KALE, S.M. GAGE, M.D. SANGALE, D.M. SURYAWANSHI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=595 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=596 Spectroscopic Investigation on the Interaction between a Novel 2-Amino-3-Cyano-5-Chlorospiro (5H-Indeno [1,2-b] Pyran-4,3'-Indoline)-2'5,-Dione with a Model Transporter Protein Bovine Serum Albumin S. R. PATIL, S. T. MAHANWAR, P. V. ANBHULE, G. B. KOLEKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=596 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=597 Silicotungstic Acid: An Efficient and Ecofriendly Catalyst for Synthesis of 12-Aryl / Alkyl-8,9,10,12-Tetrahydrobenzo[a]xanthen-11-one derivatives S. D. Ganapure, R. M. Patil, S. S. Jalde, H. V. Chavan www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=597 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=598 Green Approach towards Baylis Hillman Reaction using Grinding Technique B. V. PAWAR,S. S. GAIKWAD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=598 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=599 Design a New and Efficient Approach Towards The Synthesis Mannich Bases of 2-arylimidazo[1,2-a]pyridines. S. R. MATHAPATI, M. B. SWAMI, K. I. MOMIN, J. K. DAWLE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=599 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=600 Role of Activated Carbon in the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds K.S. MUNDHE, C.S. CHANRDACHOOD, A. A. KALE, N.R. DESHPANDE, R.V. KASHALKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=600 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=601 Insights Study between 5-(3, 4, 5,-trimethoxybenzylidene) - pyrimidine 2, 4, 6,-(1H, 3H, 5H) –trione and Bovine Serum Albumin with Advanced Techniques and Molecular Modeling S. KUMBHAR, A. H. GORE, P. CHOUDHARI, P. V. ANBHULE, G. B. KOLEKAR, Y. S. SONAVANE, A. J. BODAKE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=601 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=602 Fluorescence Spectroscopic Insights on the Interaction between Mesalamine and Tyrosine S. T. MAHANWAR, S.R. PATIL, D. B. GUNJAL, P. V. ANBHULE, G. B. KOLEKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=602 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=603 Synthesis and Characterization of Conducting Polymer - Poly-ortho Phenylene Diamine S.B. DHOTRE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=603 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=604 Stability Studies for Argemone mexicana L Root Bark Powder S. S. PINGALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=604 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=605 Study of Effect of Concentration on Refractive Index of Some Salt Solutions S. S. THAKARE, K. G. SONAWANE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=605 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=606 Synthesis and Characterization of Chlorinated Thiophene Based Flavones P. V. RANDHAVANE, H. N. AKOLKAR, R. S. ENDAIT, R. K. JADHAV, A. B. NIKUMBH and B. K. KARALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=606 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=607 DABCO: An Organo-Base Catalyzed One-Pot Multicomponent Strategy for the Synthesis of 1, 4-Polyhydroquinoline Derivatives R. D. GHOGARE, V. U. PANDIT, A. D. GHOLAP, A. S. SOMWANSHI, S. S. PANDIT www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=607 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=608 Synthesis of Enaminones by Conventional and Microwave Irradiation Methods R. K. JADHAV, B. K. KARALE, P. V. RANDHAVANE, A.B. NIKUMBH AND K. P. KAKDE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=608 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=609 A Simple Protocol for Oxidative Decarboxylation of Phenyl Acetic Acid using Oxone and Iodobenzene K. A. SASANE, N. A. SASANE, S. S. GAIKWAD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=609 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=610 Synthesis of benzimidazole Derivatives using Silica as catalyst –Green Approach G. C. WADHAWA, S. S. PATIL , Y. MANE , N. SARWADE, C. H GILL www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=610 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=611 Green Protocol For Synthesis of 7 (1Hbenzimidazol-2-Yl)-5-(Substituted Phenyl) Pyrido [2, 3-D] Pyrimidin-4-Amine G. C. WADHAWA, V. S. SHIVANKAR, H.WAGH, S. S. PATIL, C.H. GILL1, Y. A. GAIKWAD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=611 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=612 Facile Synthesis of 2-Substituted Benzimidazoles using Waste Aluminium Foil G. C. WADHAWA, S. GITE, D. PATEL, C. H. GILL1, L. GAVALI www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=612 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=613 Synthesis and Characterization of MgO Nanoparticles by Using Sol-Gel Method D. V. SONAWANE, M. D. SANGALE, D. N. GAIKWAD, S. S. GAIKWAD, A.A. KALE and S. R. KUCHEKAR www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=613 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=614 Environmentally Benign Synthesis and Characterization of Some Novel Pyridine anchored Triazole Derivatives S. S. GAIKWAD, B. V. PAWAR, M. D. SANGALE, A. K. DESHMUKH, D. N. GAIKWAD, D. V. SONAWANE, A. A. KALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=614 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=615 Utilization of Chemical Waste Obtained from Chemistry Laboratories PREETI RAI, HARSHA CHATRATH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=615 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=616 Molecular Modeling and Docking Study of 2,5-Disubstituted-1,3,4-Thidiazole Derivatives and their Docking Interactions with Lanosterol 14 Α-Demethylase S. S. KADAM www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=616 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=617 A Review on Recent Advances in the Coumarin Derivatives Synthesis via Knoevenagel and Pechmann Condensation D. B. BANKAR, K. G. KANADE, R. R. HAWALDAR, S. S. ARBUJ, S. T. SHINDE, A. A. KALE, D. N. GAIKWAD www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=617 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=618 Aromaticity Investigation of Redox and Protonation States of p-Benzoquinone: A DFT Study A. V. NAGANE, A. P. WARE, S. S. PINGALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=618 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=619 Co(II) Metal Complexes of Oximes Derived from Salicyloyl Pyrazoles: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization and Antimicrobial Activities N. T. DHOKALE, A. V. NAGAWADE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=619 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=620 Synthesis of Substituted Phenyl Acetic Acid Usingbenzylicorganozinc Reagents and Carbon Dioxide R. B. GAWADE, A. S. BURUNGALE, G. N. BHANGARE A. S. PISE, S. S. DEVKATE, S. D. JADHAV www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=620 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=621 Thermal Performance Study of Parabolidal Concentrator Solar Cooker S.H.PISAL, M.B. BAGAL, R.Y.SURYAWANSHI, POOJA DESAI, A.A.KALE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=621 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=622 Preliminary Phytochemical Qualitativeand Quantitative Screening of Tridax Prcumbens L S. S. SHAIKH www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=622 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=623 Kinetics and Thermodynamic Study of Uptake of Pb2+ by Nitrated Biomass of Stalks Prunuscerasus A.A. KALE, P. R. MOHITE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=623 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=624 Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metals Doped Zinc Oxides Nanocrystalline Materials by Solution Based Precipitation Technique S.T.SHINDE,K. G. KANADE,B.K.KARALE,S. S. ARBUJ,A.A.KALE,D.B.BANKAR,S.PKUNDE www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=624 Vol 7, Special Issue 9 RICES Jan - Feb 2018 http://www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=625 Interaction between Solvent-Solvent Molecules in a Aqueous Medium at Different Temperatures by Ultrasonic Technique DUDHAT S. R. www.ijcps.org//abstract.php?article_id=625