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International Journal of Chemical & Physical Sciences, 05 Oct 2021 |
Year : 2021 | Volume: 10 | Issue: 5 | Pages : 24-32

Preparation,  Properties, Stability and  Applications of Nanofluids:  A  Review 

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A  nanofluid  is  a  fluid  containing nanometer-sized  particles,  typically made  of  metals, oxides,  carbides, or carbon  nanotubes.  All  methods of  preparation  can  be  categorized into  two  types,  viz.,  single-step method  and  two-step  method.  The thermophysical properties  such  as thermal  conductivity,  specific  heat, viscosity,  and  density  play  a  vital role  in  the  heat  transfer  behaviour of  nanofluids.  Nanofluids  have  a broad  range  of current  and  future applications  in  different  fields. Though  nanofluids  have  a  wide range of  applications,  it  has  to suffer  by  some  challenges,  and limitations  like  to  maintain  the stability  and  operational performance.  In  this  paper,  we  are going  to  deal  with  all  the above aspects  of  nanofluids.

Keywords: Nanofluids, Synthesis, Thermophysical properties, Stability evaluation, Applications.

Citation: Gayatri Nakhat*,Rajesh Barde ,Vaishnavi Nilkhan,Gayatri Nakhat,Rajesh Barde ,Vaishnavi Nilkhan ( 2021), Preparation,  Properties, Stability and  Applications of Nanofluids:  A  Review . International Journal of Chemical & Physical Sciences, 10(5): 24-32

Received: 27/08/2021; Accepted: 05/10/2021;
Published: 05/10/2021

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