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International Journal of Chemical & Physical Sciences, 14 Feb 2023 |
Year : 2023 | Volume: 12 | Issue: 1 | Pages : 06-10

Saur Urja – Green Energy to Greener EnergyA Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy Based Project 

  • 1mumbai university, R.K.TALREJA COLLEGE,

ABSTRACT Saur-Urja is exactly solar energy. The sun radiation intensity of 1365 W/m2   is present outside earth in the form of UV, Visible & Infrared heat. The upper layers of the atmosphere absorb UV light with help of ozone. Finally, on earth we receive Saur Urja in the form of heat & visible light. The project is a standalone solar PV system which can be used anywhere. Solar Photo Energy received on earth is converted to electrical power by PV panels and the energy is stored in batteries. Battery is used to run loads at night or on cloudy days. If the battery goes below a certain level for example 50% all loads switch off simultaneously. Hence there may not be sufficient battery energy to run critical loads for a longer time. Hence, we must save battery energy so that we can run critical loads at night. The innovation was done in such a way that every load was given priority depending on critical needs. Battery was charged fully during daytime in using PV system and then it was monitored always by a sensor which gives SOC of battery. Depending on SOC of the battery and priority, load was kept on or switched off.The lower priority loads were switched off as battery energy decreased & higher priority loads critical by nature were still running at night.

Keywords: Saur Urja, soc , PV , battery , loads

Citation: Mr.SANJAY LALLA*,Mr.SANJAY LALLA ( 2023), Saur Urja – Green Energy to Greener EnergyA Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy Based Project . International Journal of Chemical & Physical Sciences, 12(1): 06-10

Received: 21/12/2022; Accepted: 13/02/2023;
Published: 14/02/2023

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