Volume( 10) - Issue( 5) 2021 pp 18-23 DOI: https://doi.org/10.30731/ijcps.10.5.2021.18-23

Synthesis of Metal Oxide Doped Photocell: A Review


Synthesis of Metal Oxide Doped Photocell: A Review


Photocell, It is solid state device that converts solar energy into electrical energy. In future, increasing energy demand will force us to seek for the environmentally friendly, clean alternative energy resources. Photo electrochemical cells have attracted more of interest because the solar energy which is unlimited source of energy can be used to produce the cost effective and environmental friendly electric energy. There are wide applications of photocells which include industry, electronic applications, our day to day life and many more. Though photocell has wide range of applications it has to suffer by some challenges and limitations. The main challenge of photocell is their conversion efficiency (efficiency of conversion of light energy to electric energy). Conversion efficiency is important in order to get perfect photocell. In this paper, all these aspects of photocell are discussed. 


Photocell, Metaloxidephotocell, Photoelectrochemicalcell, Solarcells, Synthesis