Reviewers Guideline


  • Peer-review policy: The manuscript submitted to the International Journal of Chemical and Physical Sciences (IJCPS) will be reviewed by two suitable experts in the respective subject areas through a Double-blind peer review process. The reports of both reviewers will be considered when deciding on acceptance/revision or rejection of a manuscript. Editor-In-Chief will make the final decision, based on the reviewer’s comments. To know more about the Peer-review policy Click here.

How does it work?

  • When a manuscript is submitted to a journal, it is assessed to see if it meets the criteria for submission. If it does, the editorial team will select potential peer reviewers within the field of research to peer-review the manuscript and make recommendations.
  • Double-blind review process: The reviewers do not know the names of the authors, and the authors do not know who reviewed their manuscripts.

Terms and Conditions:

1)      The reviewer should have reviewed the manuscript within a time limit (usually 15 days).

2)        The reviewer should have to comment scientifically, in case we have found that the reviewer not making comments to the optimum level, the publisher has the right to remove his/her name from the website.

3)      The reviewer should have to follow the journal guidelines.

4)      The reviewer should have to review 5 manuscripts without any remuneration (it will help us to decide and choose the reviewer), if the reviewer’s job will remain perfect he/she will be designated as a fast-track reviewer.

If you are agreeing and are available, then fill out the  reviewer form at