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The Current Issue of our International Journal of Chemical and Physical Sciences is just published for the month of Jan-Feb 2013. The readers and viewers are requested to refer the index given below for Articles / Papers Published in this issue.

IJCPS Vol. 2, No. 4 Jul-Aug 2013, ISSN:2319-6602





Introduction of an Auto-circuit in Magnetic Float Densitometer

using Semiconductor Devices




Dr. Pathak R.N., Dr. Saxena I., Dr. Mishra A.K., Kumar R., Singh N.







Feasibility Study of Soyabean  Oil as an Alternate Fuel for CI  Engine at Variable Compression Ratio




Shelke R.E.







Preparation and Characterization of              

4-hydroxybenzylidencarbamide-CTAB modified Glassy Carbon Electrode by using [Fe(CN)6]4-/[Fe(CN)6]3- redox system


  Author: N.Ramalakshmi,  S.Muthukumar,  B.Marichamy



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