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The Journal publishes original research work either as a Full Research Paper. Review Articles on a current topic in Chemical and Physical Sciences are also considered for publication by the Journal.

Authors are requested to download model manuscript. It is essential that authors prepare their manuscripts according to established specifications. Model manuscript is available at useful Downloads section.

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Adsorptive removal of Malachite Green from aqueous solution using low cost adsorbent

Adsorption capacity of Malachite Green on low cost adsorbent prepared from Hyptissuaveolens (vilaytitulsi) is studied in ... lta;H

Dr.Sandeep Pardeshi,Jayant Sonar,zine.ashok,Ms.Arti Salunke,Ms.Bhagyashri Marmat,Ms.Nikita Gund,Mr.SHRIKANT DOKHE 1629076048 International Journal of Chemical & Physical Sciences

Spectral and Raman Analysis of Nd3+ Doped Zinc Lithium Soda-lime Cadmium Borosilicate Glasses

Glass of the system: (35-x) SiO2:10ZnO:10Li2O:10CaO:10Na2O:10CdO:15B2O3:  xNd2O3. (where x=1, 1.5,2 mol %) have bee ... ated. 1629076257 International Journal of Chemical & Physical Sciences

Removal of Rhodamine 6G from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption on Bio Adsorbent Prepared from Hyptis Suaveolens (Vilayti Tulsi): Kinetic, Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Study

The adsorption capacity of bio adsorbent, prepared from Hyptissuaveolens (VilaytiTulsi), for Rhodamine 6G removal from a ... cess.

Dr.Sandeep Pardeshi,Dr.Sandeep Pardeshi,jpsonar,sadokhe,Zine.ashok,thoresn,Ms.Arti Salunke,Ms.Nikita Gund 1620655153 International Journal of Chemical & Physical Sciences

Temperature of Maximum Density of Water - Electrolytes – A Review 

Additivity rule is found applicable to the Temperature of Maximum Density (TMD) behavior of strong electrolytes. For the ... died.

Dr.Waman Pokale,awpokale 1621860212 International Journal of Chemical & Physical Sciences

Study of Optical Property of PEDOT: PSS/Ge Nano-Composite Thin Films

Semiconductor thin films of germanium (Ge) were deposited on conducting polymer poly (3,4ethylene dioxythiophene): polys ... PSS.

srdtripathi,srdtripathi 1625205892 International Journal of Chemical & Physical Sciences